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Rapid Trick Down

Rapid Trick Down

Rapid Trick Down is a trick that allow the player to move Vergil in similar fashion as Mario's Backwards Long Jump (1) However, instead of finding a spot, this trick can be used at any time.

General Info

  • This can applied once the player buys Trick Down in the shop.
  • This trick technique was pioneered by ByAkuma. (2)
  • It was considered that the controller was difficult to apply this trick and may not even be possible. However, it just turned out that it needs to be performed at specfic rhythm.
  • Yam should be used in order to position Vergil before applying the movement trick.
  • Misinputting this will cause Vergil teleport to the enemy instead of going backward.
  • The input for this trick is Lock on → Backwards Jump + Trick

Video Demonstration