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DMC3 2006 PC port came out-of-the-box with the despawn glitch, which has two types:

  • Enemy despawning: Occupy the same hitbox as a spawning enemy to make them despawn. Although, This is not consistent.
  • Wave despawning: Kill all enemies that are on screen simultaneously or within quick succession to make the next wave not appear.
Regualr Enemy despawning is usually not consistent while Wave despawning is. Although, it has extremely high chance to cause the game itself to crash.

At the moment Dante takes advantage of this the most due to the nature of RG sweep. Although, Vergil can still create framework for replicating the despawn scenarios.


  • Mission 2 Kill 3 Prides simultaneously during the second wave to spawn only one Lust. If the whole wave was cleared then it has a chance of spawning wrath only. It's also possible to depsawn vanguard in the same mission but, the chance for that occuring is very rare.
  • Mission 12 Kill last 3 Prides simultaneously to skip Lust wave. This is the same for sloths to get the final wave immediately.

Video Demonstration

Mission 2 Wave Despawn - hies method

Vanguard depsawn during Radge attempt

Mission 12 Temperance Wagon Wave Despawn by Simoteus