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Reversal changes character's direction to somewhere else other than the targeted enemy. There are barely any sections for DMC5 to do this trick. At the same time, DMC5 nearly removed this technique all together post demo release.

General Notes

  • The only way that Nero can reverse is Ex-Streak because it lets you choose direction with while holding the input during the rev stance. The Lock-on must be released.
  • Dante & Vergil can reverse by buffering input then weapon switch before the move comes out. This concept is similar to older games but with weapon switch but, difficult to be consistent with a clean turnaround.
  • RG release can be reversed due to its bad rotation speed. It can be done by releasing just after a jump.


  • Mission 8 - Ex-Streak through platform ledge before the boss door.

Video Demonstration

Example with Dante reverse stinger