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Similar to DMC3, Reversal changes character's direction to somewhere else other than the targeted enemy. The potential behind it lies more in the Vanilla game, since it takes longer to activate Speed. The rules in DMC4 plays much differently as the players are not too restricted with specific lock-on rules, turn-rate..etc.

General Notes

  • For DMC4, buffering is the most common method with Streak, Stinger, Calibur This can be done by doing a buffer-move (any attack), doing an input of the attack you want to be reversed, and then holding the direction you want it to go.
  • Other methods that are used in DMC3 are also possible


  • Mission 7 - After getting a Holy Water, allowing you to get a slide
  • Mission 18 Savior - where you can save extra second or two

Video Demonstration

Example with Nero in Mission 7

Example with Dante in Mission 18