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M3 - 10,000 M14 - 3,000


Artemis is encountered as the level boss of Mission 3 then becomes part of the boss rush in Mission 14 as Mirage Artemis.

General Notes

It's very important to no damage this fight as part of your optimal route
  • Vergil trivializes this with his destructive JJC and DG.
  • Nero requires 4th Punch Line in Devil Hunter where 3 is more than enough in Human.
  • V cycle is situational between NG & NG+

Nero - Mission 3

This fight is not 100% consistent in NG because Artemis can choose to run away. This means players will have to chase her down and adapt. It's better to save Punch Line after you knock her down from Energy Blast pattern.
  • New Game - Charge your Devil Breaker and wait for a bit to dodge one of her attacks. The attacks are going to be either Laser Rain, Self-Destruct Drones or Horizontal/Vertical Lasers. Make sure to hit confirm to know that you are in-range for Boost Knuckle to hit then Split → Aerial Combo x2 → Roulette Spin → Boost Knuckle → Repeat
  • New Game+ - Similar case to Goliath NG+ cycle The cycle depends on the timing of Slow World and Petal Ray to knock her down from Energy Blast pattern.

New Game cycle

New Game+ cycle

V - Mirage Artemis

One of the biggest barrier for Nero / Dante / V runs regardless of the category because V is limited to one familiar during that state and he cannot reliably chase down Artemis like Nero. He has to wait for Shadow to approach her before doing anything.
  • New Game - Abuse Skewer until Artemis is stunned then do a Long Bayonet to finish her off. Use Guillotine if available. Make sure that Shadow's DT is active through this whole fight. Activate DT during Skewer animation so he doesn't go past her with auto Breakthrough
  • New Game+ - Guillotine + Royal Fork spam. DT is saved for Domination setup against Goliath and Cavaliere

New Game cycle

New Game+ cycle


This whole fight depends on your execution of JJC for both versions.

Mission 3 Cycle example

Mission 14 Mirage cycle

The DG which Vergil should be using is the Haste mode this allows him to constantly stun Artemis while performing JJC. Some notes:

  • Do not transform till you avoid her start-up attack. You need the No Damage Bonus.
  • Devil Hunter needs 4 DT-Gauge to make DG last longer
  • You absoutely need to do JJC from the ground. It's faster faster and does more damage than the mid-air. If you ever fumble the timings when she is knocked down Yam Combo A in SDT does enough damage to finish her off.
  • NG+ Vergil does it mid-air instead because of Spiral Blades and Void Slash cancels when knocked down.
  • Mission 14, biggest factor is the release timing of Spiral Blades

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.