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Cavaliere Angelo

Cavaliere Angelo

Cavaliere Angelo is encountered as the level boss of Mission 11 then becomes part of the boss rush in Mission 14 as Mirage Cavaliere.

General Notes

If cycle fails then Cavaliere will constantly teleport around. Thereofre, it's better to restart the checkpoint to re-do the fight. Unless his HP is one move away from death.
  • If played in Devil Hunter Vergil will have to briefly switch to 60 FPS to make his Void Slash one cycle him.
  • In Human Dante can kill this boss in two RI followed by DT Stinger but, Devil Hunter requires him to do one extra RI after Stinger
  • V must stagger him at the start before summoning Nightmare

Dante - Mission 11

This boss fight is scripted and will go the same way every time.
  • New Game - Cavaliere will start with Electric Bullets so, use that build RG and Ignition then Trick up to approach him so he could start swinging his combo. RG that with Shotgun shots then release at the last hit. RI two times then double DT Stinger for the stun. This usually kills in Human, but in Devil Hunter one more RI is required whichis why Trick Up is used instead of regular jump so that Ignition doesn't run out.
  • New Game+ - Similar case to New Game cycle but different start up.

New Game cycle

New Game+ cycle

V - Mirage Cavaliere

As long as Nightmare summon is done correctly along with the DPS check with Griffon's Blockade + Shadow. This fight will be scripted and will go the same way every time.
  • New Game - Parry with Cane before Nightmare parry. Third parry should be done after Shadow side switches to get Cavaliere sandwitched with Nightmare attacks + Skewer. Optimally, you want him to get stunned twice which most likely kills him teleportless in Human. Devil Hunter, you will have to chase him down while picking white orb to make Nightmare last longer.
  • New Game+ - Summon Nightmare early while spaming Guillotine + Hedgehog to teleport him quickly for Domination setup.

New Game example

New Game+ example


This cycle depends on DG position. However, it's important for Devil Hunter runners to pause after the inital Guard Break for the 60 FPS change. This because Cavaliere stun lasts longer which allows you to get enough Void Slash hits for the cycle. Therefore, before the last strike hits, change it back to variable.
  • Mission 11 - Always starts with Rapid Slash → SDT Rapid Slash x2 → Trick → Void Slash You need to time your Void Slash → Trick loop well with DG. As a result of the Haste mode, pressing the commands too fast can cause DG to do Rapid Slash instead.
  • Mission 14 - This is the same except you start with Overdrive before transforming into SDT. It also takes less Void Slash loop to kill as it's much more optimal to find the JJC gap. The old strategy was Hell on Earth → Void Slash

Mission 11 Void Slash Loop

Mission 14 Mirage cycle

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.