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Nero/Dante/V run features the most complex playstyle. Because, each character has a different goal when it comes to their movement, combat and such. As a result, some players where they have a choice between these characters usually go for the ones that they are comfortable with rather than being optimal. This run still allows player to be creative with the methods to deal with the enemies, and a lot of room for risky strategies.

This page provides information on the character mechanics.


  • Original game requires downpatching for relible setup with the University Skip that got patched during Special Edition release.
  • V Skips are affected by the FPS. Because, it changes how V interacts with the Skewer. Therefore, it's much easier to do them in 120 FPS with an 144Hz monitor.
  • Nero can maintain sprint speed with Exceed without getting interrupted. (e.g: Mission3 before Artemis).
  • DLC Devil Breakers affects location of the main ones in each Nero's mission, which Special Edition has no control over disabling it.
  • Dante has an additional DT bar to which is known as SDT.

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