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This is a list related to the different techniques that is used to all three characters commands to understand properties. Some of their basic abilities are shared. (1)

  • RG Regular Block has DT consumption with the formula of Enemy Attack power x0.7 (2)
  • Royal Gague Accumulation formula is Enemy Attack power x2.0
  • Irregular Full Custom is locked behind beating Son of Sparda which allows Dante to fully customize the loadout, even if things contradict. He can also unequip any weapon that could allow him to go unarmed.
  • Some Nero's taunt has special effect. At Rank B it loads his special bullet. Rank A and Air Taunt enables him to Exceed



Royal Guard


1) DMC5 Official Complete Game Guide (2019): Tankobon Hardcover. Skill Explanation, Skills and Action; p. 32 - 33.

2) DMC5 Official Complete Game Guide (2019): Tankobon Hardcover. Skill Explanation, Dante Skills; p. 88 - 89.

Kick Jump

  • Jump again by pushing off a wall.
  • Command: After jumping, press X near a wall.
Enemy Step

  • Double-jump off of an enemy.
  • Command: In mid-air, press X near an enemy.
Air Hike
  • Concentrate magical energy into the area under your feet to perform a double jump.
  • Second Jump has no invincibility frames.
  • Dante can carry out one extra Air Hike, if he is in DT state.
  • Command: After the first jump, press X
Side Roll
  • Evade an enemy attack by rolling to the side.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Command: + sideways on + X

  • There are 3 different taunts for each character.
  • First is a regular one which is performed by pressing SELECT while on the ground or mid-air.
  • Second is a special one from a shop which a regular one which increases Stylish Rank more than a normal taunt. done by holding + SELECT while on the ground
  • Third is unique taunt given only to those who completed the Bloody Palace. Press + SELECT while on the ground
Speed / Quickplay

  • By continuing to press in the same direction with the your footspeed will increase.
  • V's own speed called Quickplay which uses Shadow's celerity for high-speed movement and it can break any objects.
  • Speed / Quickplay cannot be activated while in battle or Shadow is stalemated.
Damage Stylish Point DT gain
Quickplay 15 200 100
Get More Orbs

  • Passive ability which increases the range from which you gather orbs.
  • The range stretches up to 30m.
Devil Trigger

  • unleash the devil within Nero and Dante. Expend V's demonic power to summon Nightmare.
  • Purchasing Trigger Heart will reduce the depletion rate of the DT Gauge.
  • Dante and V transforms with input
  • Nero transforms with any direction of input
  • Spread your wings and glide.
  • To change direction tilt while gliding.
  • Command: While in DT and mid-air, hold X
Wire Snatch

  • Extend a wire from the right arm to reel in foes from a distance.
  • Large or heavy enemies cannot be pulled in.
  • Inital range is 7.5m Lv2 is 9.5m and Lv3 is 13m.
  • If used against the enemy, it will grants 50 Style Point.
  • When equipped with Rawhide heavy enemies can be attached at certain times and deal small amount of damage.
  • Command: + O
Wire Bound
  • Latch onto a Grim Grip to travel long distances in a heartbeat.
  • Using Wire Snatch against enemies that cannot be pulled in will execute a Wire Bound instead.
  • If used against the enemy, it will grants 50 Style Point.
  • When equipped with Rawhide heavy enemies can be attached at certain times and deal small amount of damage.
  • Command: + O
The Book
  • Concentrate to fill your DT gauge in battle.
  • Hold the command to continue storing power.
  • Command:
Switch Back
  • Grab onto Griffon to move backwards.
  • V is invincible until he is in the landing state.
  • Command: + + X
  • Grab onto Griffon to jump higher into the air.
  • V is invincible when dug up and rising, not when is landing.
  • Command: While in mid-air X hold to glide.
Forced Move
  • Utilize Shadow's celerity to dodge enemy attacks quickly in any direction.
  • Can be invincible indefinitely when used continuously.
  • Command: + sideways on + X
Green / White Gainer
  • When V kills an enemy while Devil Trigger is active, it will increase the drop rate of Green and White Orbs.
  • Green Orb receives 12%+ drop rate.
  • White Orb receives 10%+ drop rate.
  • This will only work if the abilities are bought in the shop.
  • A quick dash that allows you to deftly evade enemy attacks.
  • Can be used indefinitely.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Command: Any Direction + O
Sky Star
  • Use magical energy to create a mid-air platform from which you can kick off and move horizontally.
  • DT state can do one extra Sky Star.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Command: In mid-air Any Direction + O
  • Flip back into a safe position after being knocked off your feet by enemy attacks.
  • Available at Lv2 TS
  • Gains 300 Style Point.
  • Command: O knocked back
  • Close in on an enemy by dashing, then use their body as a platform to jump into the air.
  • Available at Lv2 TS and Lv3 unlocks air version.
  • Gains 300 Style Point.
  • Can avoid enemy attacks while active.
  • Command: O collide with enemy
Air Trick
  • Dash above an enemy's head and appear in mid-air.
  • DT state can do one extra Air Trick.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Available at Lv3 TS
  • Command: + + O
Ground Trick
  • Dash downward toward an enemy and appear on the ground.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Available at Lv4 TS
  • Command: + to + O


Air Block

Royal Block

  • Blocks enemy attacks and neutralizes damage while also filling the Royal Gauge.
  • This technique expends the DT Gauge each time it is activated.
  • Royal Block negates expending the DT Gauge. Fills the Royal Gauge more than a standard Block.
  • Command: O
Damage Stylish Point DT gain
Block - 250 -
Royal Block - 750 1000


Air Release

Royal Release

  • Release all the energy stored in the Royal Gauge, and lash out at your enemies with an explosion of dreadful power.
  • Air Release can be used for easier timing due to it's invincibility frames.
  • Command: + + O
Damage Stylish Point DT gain
Release (0~30000) x0.08 0~1200 0~1000
Royal Revenge
  • Use one stock of Royal Gauge to nullify enemy attacks and perform a counterattack. Hold the button to maintain readiness.
  • Command: + + O
Damage Stylish Point DT gain
Royal Revenge 500 750 400