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M2 - 10,000 M14 - 5,000


Goliath is encountered as the level boss of Mission 2 then becomes part of the boss rush in Mission 14 as Mirage Goliath.

General Notes

It's very important to no damage this fight as part of your optimal route
  • Vergil trivializes this with his destructive JJC and DG. Therefore, he can kill the boss without even going down to the church.
  • Nero cycle varies depending on the game mode and difficulty.
  • V is hugely luck dependant unless player managed to obtain Guillotine

Nero - Mission 2

Because of damage scaling Nero has two breaker set ups: Gerbera x2 to Human and x4 Overture to Devil Hunter. To kill the boss optimally, it has to be during church phase.
  • Gerbera - This setup requires specific amount of DPS per phase. The idea is to stop Goliath from doing Tornado pattern instantly.
  • Overture - Hugely based on timing. Plant all available Breakers to deal massive explosion that causes him to knock down. Avoid using High Shot as that will ruin the stun threshold.

Gerbera Cycle Human

Overture Cycle Devil Hunter

Human Fail Exceeds on purpose to make first phase last longer for more damage. As soon as Nero lands on the church Roulette Spin → Aerial Combo → Petal Ray then from that point start doing clean Roulette Spin Exceeds so that last Petal Ray will kill Goliath with couple of extra Roulette Spin. This has to be done behind the wall otherwise, the petals won't bounce around which usually causes the cycle to fail.

Devil Hunter You have to maximize your DPS with Exceeds. The start of the fight will always go with Roulette Spin x2 → Aerial Combo x2 this so you could dodge his attacks before Roulette Spins till the church land. When detonating Overtures:

  • It's better to wait for the 3rd one to dodge his pillar sweep
  • Do not Wire Snatch on the last Overture. Because Goliath will try to anti-air you causing the cycle to fail

When it comes to stunning, this depends on how well you Exceeds with Roulette Spins as the church kill hugely depends on it. Aerial Combo lets you land more hits than Roulette Spins during that state too.

New Game+

It's pretty much using all of your resources fight although :

  • Slow World should be used after his shockwave start.
  • Bewary of your Calibur timing.
  • Ensure that Nero is at a height where Bringer Claw can optimally hit the boss
  • It's good idea to use Bringer Knuckle during Petal Ray animation.
  • The floor is lava so JC well during DT-state.

New Game+ Churchless cycle

V - Mirage Goliath

Requires max DT-Gauge so that Shadow and Griffon can tank Goliath attacks. This is the same for NG+ for Nightmare setup. In NG don't forget to grab white orb before V gets teleported out of the room.
  • New Game - Summon Shadow first with full DT then back step a bit to avoid Goliath before max DT Griffon and The Book Bayonet is the most damaging move against this boss. Press Griffon button every 3rd Blockade chain. Re-DT them when necessary.
  • New Game+ - Guillotine + Hedgehog spam until Goliath HP is half way. Domination setup is best done against any attack that makes him stay still. Consider to dismount Nightmare to dodge incoming attacks. As taking damage will drain your DT-Gauge a lot.

New Game example

New Game+ example


This whole fight depends on your execution of JJC. Mission 14 cycle varies due to the position and how Spiral Blades release hits Goliath

Mission 2 Stun example

Mission 14 Mirage cycle

The DG which Vergil should be using is the Haste mode this allows him to constantly stun Goliath while performing JJC. However bear in mind:

  • Devil Hunter needs 4 DT-Gauge to make DG last longer
  • Reach Lv3 Concentration meter first before transforming into SDT and DG
  • JJC from the ground does more damage, but doing it in mid-air has much more forgiving window other than applying Sequential Judgement Cut
  • Alternatively, you can spam Rapid Slash with DG to stun him but, it's not recommended in Devil Hunter as the player damage multiplier is lower.
  • NG+ Vergil adds Spiral Blades for faster stun then use Void Slash cancels once Goliath is knocked down.

When it comes to Mission 14 you need maxed out PS with Trick Dodge Spiral Blades and Beo Dragon Breaker:

  • To charge Dragon Breaker early, you have to forward Trick Dodge twice from the shockwave.
  • You have to charge Spiral Blade twice. First during the uppercut animation then during JJC which is rough.
  • The ending of the fight varies but in Devil Hunter, you are definitely required to throw some JJC or DG Void Slash if necessary.
  • Make sure to keep hitting Goliath with Rising Dragon → Starfall to build SDT-Gauge.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.