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King Cerberus

King Cerberus

King Cerberus is a one time encounter as the level boss of Mission 16.


  • This fight is heavily timing based on when to transform SDT including the attacks. This so Dante can get in comfortable position to spam RI. Always delay SDT last hit to keep Cerberus in a stun loop.
  • The RI hits should be done against the current active head because it takes more damage that way. Ground Trick is used instead of Helm Breaker because its faster and has less chance of whiffing RI. Keep in mind that Human cannot purchase this ability due to the currency gain difference which means you have to recover with Helm Breaker instead and re-adjust.
  • NG+ is much more consistent fight but, it requires Quadruple S and The Luce setup with RG and Coyote-A.
  • To knock down Cerberus in NG+, you need at least 2 good Release and SDT Combo into Cav.
  • If everything went into south manage your DT and TS for Cav Combo B spam. It should be much more forgiving in Human mode.
  • Vergil trivializes this fight with JJC. This process is exactly the same as Malphas but, you do the grounded version instead as it does much more damage. If you are uncomfortable with that then Hell on Earth loop is a good alternative.
  • Special Edition is inconsistent because Cerberus gets to act and move around quicker due to turbo feature.

Video Demonstration

Dante New Game cycle

Dante New Game+ cycle

Vergil General cycle

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