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Malphas is a one time encounter as the level boss of Mission 15.


  • This fight is exactly the same as Qliphoth Roots however, this time you are dealing with more active enemy.
  • If you ever get hit from this boss and trigger the cutscene where V throws a Ragtime. All the detonated Overture will be gone.
  • Devil Hunter requires a good Exceeds of Aerial Combo in a spot where RQ recovers fast. This because, if you hit the magicians then your attacks will be much slower.
  • Do not deal damage against Malphas too hard at the start. This will ruin her behaviour and will teleport more often.
  • Vergil trivializes this fight with JJC. At the same time, make sure to freeze the boss with Heavy Rain Blades before summoning DG. Because NG+ has more DT-Gauge, you can add Blistering Blades for extra damage.
  • NG+ Nero uses 4 Gerberas directly against the the magicians because his DT Bringer Claw can knock down the boss very fast with one Slow World
  • It's worth a shot to attempt for Sequential Judgement Cuts as it saves more time.
  • Special Edition may affect his behaviour differently due to turbo feature.

Video Demonstration

Nero New Game cycle

Nero New Game+ cycle

Vergil General cycle

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.