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Nero / Dante
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Nero / Dante

Nero/Dante run features the most adaptability playstyle rather than having a set amount of things to do over and over. This allows player to create plenty of methods to deal with the enemies safely, and allows a lot of room for risky strategies. Because, both characters combat are complex, including numerous tricks and glitches. Therefore, this category itself has the highest skill floor.

This page provides information on the character mechanics.


  • This run starts with Nero's from Mission 1 to 11 then switches to Dante from 12 till 18 before switching back to Nero.
  • Most forgiving skips to learn.
  • This run heavily punishes any mistakes player will do over the run.
  • Being proficient is a requirement to get a higher tier run, where the game gains conscience and actively rigs itself against players.
  • Just Frame Gilgamesh and Distorting are one of the core aspects for Dante's section.
  • Understanding how Devil Shot works is important for Nero's section as it can help him to get through some rooms very fast.
  • Deflecting Alto Angelo's Formation attack: Energy Sphere is the bane of this category. Nero can still clear the fight fast without the need for it but, it's situational and depends on the DT gauge.
  • Dante's probability of dealing with Formation Attack: Energy Sphere is usually highly aside from Mission 12.
  • Players cannot run Vanilla the same way as Special Edition. The route, movements and even the cycles are different. For example: No Roulette Spin Bael. CS not one-shot Bionic Angelos..etc.

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