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This is a list related to the different techniques that is used to both character commands to understand properties. Their basic abilities are shared.


Devil Bringer


Royal Guard

Side Roll
  • Evade an enemy attack by rolling to the side.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Command: + sideways on + X
Kick Jump
  • Jump again by pushing off a wall.
  • Command: After jumping, press X near a wall.
Air Hike
  • Concentrate magical energy into the area under your feet to perform a double jump.
  • Second Jump has no invincibility frames.
  • Dante can carry out one extra Air Hike, if he is in DT state.
  • Command: After the first jump, press X
Devil Trigger
  • unleash the devil within Nero and Dante. Depletes the DT Gauge.
  • Purchasing Trigger Heart will reduce the depletion rate of the DT Gauge.
  • Some of the Dante's attack will be infused with his demonic energy that instantly consumes part of his DT gauge.
  • Most enemies attack will not interrupt Dante's action. Nero is unable to do that.
  • Command:
Enemy Step
  • Also known as JC. One of the one of the core aspects for this series.
  • This is one of the most expensive ability to purchase.
  • Nero barely utilizes this due to his other buy priority. He can use his Snatch to climb indefinitely.
  • Dante needs this the most to cancel full animation of certain moves like Real Impact.
  • Command: In mid-air, press X near an enemy.
Get More Orbs
  • Passive ability which increases the range from which you gather orbs.
  • This means you can be in any position to collect, which is helpful to make a quick exit on certain rooms.
  • By continuing to press in the same direction with the your footspeed will increase.
  • Mandatory ability to buy.
  • This is much harder to utilize in vanilla since it takes more steps to activate as it does carry over into different rooms.
  • In some cases, DT-Stinger or EX3-Streak is faster.
  • After grabbing an enemy with the Devil Bringer, bust them up with this damaging throw.
  • Throws Damage and Style Points vary according to the enemy.
  • Command: O
Devil Buster
  • When the devilish power within is released, grab an enemy with the Devil Bringer to initiate an even more powerful throw.
  • Throws Damage and Style Points vary according to the enemy.
  • Command: O while in Devil Trigger

Lv1 Range

Lv2 Range

Lv3 Range

  • Send forth the Devil Bringer and grasp a distant enemy within its clutches. Available after Evil Legacy is obtained.
  • Large or heavy enemies cannot be pulled in.
  • Each Levels extends the length of the Snatch.
  • Can reach breakable objects in the distance such as items and Red Orbs.
  • In mid-air, it's possible to chain chain more grabs by cancelling it's animation with Exceed charge
  • Command: + O
Devil Snatch
  • Supernatural energy powers a Snatch that can wrap multiple enemies within its demonic grip.
  • Large or heavy enemies cannot be pulled in.
  • Command: + O while in Devil Trigger
Hell Bound
  • Grab a Grim Grip to move long distances in a heartbeat. Available after Evil Legacy is obtained.
  • When using a Snatch against enemies that can't be pulled, a Hell Bound will automatically occur.
  • Command: + O
  • Position a captured enemy in front of you as a demon shield to ward off attacks. Must have Aegis Shield.
  • Enemies who cannot be snatched up are unable to be used as shields.
  • Command: Hold O
  • A quick dash that allows you to deftly evade enemy attacks.
  • DT state can dash indefinitely.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Command: Any Direction + O
Sky Star
  • Use magical energy to create a mid-air platform from which you can kick off and move horizontally.
  • DT state can do one extra Sky Star.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Available at Lv2 TS
  • Command: In mid-air Any Direction + O
  • Close in on an enemy by dashing, then use their body as a platform to jump into the air.
  • Available at Lv1 TS
  • Command: O collide with enemy
  • Flip back into a safe position after being knocked off your feet by enemy attacks.
  • Available at Lv2 TS
  • Command: O knocked back
Air Trick
  • Aim above an enemy's head and disappear in the blink of an eye with blindingly quick movements.
  • DT state can do one extra Air Trick.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Available at Lv3 TS
  • Command: + + O


Air Block

Royal Block

  • Minimize the damage taken from an enemy's attack, while at the same time accumulating power within the Royal Gauge.
  • Air Block can extend invincibility by blocking at the start of a jump.
  • Royal Block negates all damage and greatly increases the doubles the Rage meter.
  • Command: O


Air Release

Royal Release

  • Release all the energy stored in the Royal Gauge, and lash out at your enemies with an explosion of dreadful power.
  • Air Release can be used for easier timing due to it's invincibility frames.
  • Command: + + O
  • A mysterious technique that transforms the body into a seemingly metallic shell impervious to enemy assault.
  • The duration of the technique is linked to the amount of energy stored within the Royal Gauge.
  • Command: + + O