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Hollow Vergil
HP Values
Difficulty scales the defence

Hollow Vergil

Hollow Vergil is the sole boss of Vergil's campaign. This fight overall works a lot similar to Vergil from Dante's campaign. However, there is downtime for each cycle.

Changes to the original game


  • Both fights have the same concept with 3 cycles.
  • Original game is the fastest with Atomic spam 3 times for each cycle.
  • Definitve Edition is different because of the larger HP pool player will have to launch Hollow Vergil with Atomic then trick cancel with Drive spam. Although, it's difficult to make it consistent. Because player will have to make sure that Vergil is facing at the right direction to hit the boss with full 26 Drive loop.
  • The Drive loop method must start hitting Hollow Vergil from his legs. Because, if it starts from behind then you will not get enough hits to end a cycle. Therefore, you will have to rinse repeat the Atomic start up again.

Video Demonstration

Original game demo

Definitve Edition demo

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