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Vergil (Boss)

Vergil is the final boss for Dante's campaign. Both fights work similar to succubus where Dante would Demon Evade and counter attack each Vergil's attack. Although, it usually depends on Vergil patterns.

Changes to the original game


  • Both fights have the same concept except that Original game must have DT at the end to get of the Doppelganger when Vergil is downed. Definitve Edition can immediately get into DT during this phase for the final counter attack after Demon Evade.
  • Vergil is very passive in the Original game so, it's ideal to force him into a pattern with Arbiter's Drop.
  • It's possible to Demon Pull him after each attack. Rapid Slash and Aerial Flush are one of the only moves that can reliably used against him. Helm Breaker only works in Definitve Edition.
  • Overall there are 4 main attacks to look for against him. Helm Breaker Rapid Slash Stomp and Starfall.
  • Attacks like Judgement Cut and Flush are much harder to counter against him. Especially during Doppelganger phase.

Video Demonstration

Original game Example

Definitve Edition Example

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