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HP Values
1,000 ×3
Difficulty scales the defence


Succubus is the second encountered as the level boss of Mission 6. This fight is scripted as long as the player performs each cycle in the first attempt. The reason why Definitve Edition has different cycle is because player does not have enough ability points to buy Overdrive II

Changes to the original game


The idea stays the same for both versions after Demon Evade:

  • Original game - One Charge Overdrive ends each cycle instantly as long as you aim for it's forehead.
  • Definitve Edition - 3 strikes Reb into Quick Trinity Smash. The 3 strikes of Reb can be either Hacker or Aerial Rave.

During the Final Phase, it's possible to break Succubus hands in one Prop If you are close to it on the right side.

Video Demonstration

Original game demo

Definitve Edition demo

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.