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M8/12 M17
Covered in Roots


Urizen encountered in multiple occasion. Until Mission 12 these fights are meant to be lost in purpose.

General Notes

It's very important to avoid using ultimate SDT attacks such as Judgement which resets his stun value for the knock down.
  • To die faster in Prolouge mission as Nero High Shot at the start then after getting hit from his Aqua Pillars. If you still want to beat him then refer to Prolouge runs. Keep in mind that this isn't ideal for full runs.
  • When it comes to Mission 8 Gerbera and Helter Skelter are important to break the Yam shield fast. Bewary of the Laser Rain and Counter Spike. React it with Split during Roulette Spins spam. Vergil can instantly breaks it with SDT Lunar Phase 2 → Trick down loop. This is the same with Dante RI Mission 10 or SDT abilities in Mission 12.
  • It's much faster for Vergil to beat M8 Urizen than losing unless it's Devil Hunter.
  • The more you damage the Yam shield the further it multiplies M8 Urizen attack power which is why Nero always opts to spam Roulette Spins till he is pushed away with shockwave.

Dante - Mission 12

This fight is scripted and always starts with Advent → SDT Combo spam. Although, Devil Hunter must have Ignition ready before triggering the fight.

Devil Hunter must have TS ready to recover from Urizen's Rotating Attack quickly with Flipper → Sky Star → Heavy Jolt before initiating RI loop

Because Yam shield breaks faster in Human M8 Urizen will do the pattern faster where Dante is invincible during that process. He will get stunned during Ignition build

New Game+

  • You start with The Luce instead of SDT Combo
  • Because of how stun works avoid using Judgement
  • Once SDT duration ends hold RG against his Homing Tentacles before Ground Trick into DT RI
  • Finish the fight with Fireworks spam.

New Game+ cycle

Dante - Mission 17

This fight is essentially auto-scroller. Refer to Best Segmented Times for the complete cycle. In Human, you chase him down as you RI while Devil Hunter you have to stun him then abuse second hit of Cav Air Combo B. The stun is not worth in human because the runner can't buy Ground Trick at that point.
  • Devil Hunter - Stun setup - 10 Counts → Shell Shot Cancel ×3 → DT RI → Air Combo A/B Cancel → Full Air Combo B
  • New Game+ - Can one cycle with Quadruple S setup. Air Royal Guard against shockwave is a must. SDT as soon as he gets knocked down from Cav Air Combo cancels.

Stun example Devil Hunter

New Game+ cycle

Vergil - Mission 8/12

  • In Devil hunter, it takes longer for Yam shield to break and at that point Urizen damage is already multiplied by 3 which can one shot you with one homing tentacles.
  • Human however can break the shield very fast. It's ideal to beat him during Mission 8 to strengthen the orb route
  • After the shield break SDT into DG then start abusing JJC.
  • It may be good idea to opt for Sequential Judgement Cuts for faster stun.
  • Finish the fight with Void Slash loop after Urizen is down.
  • Mission 12 is hardly any different aside from being able to break Yam shield faster.
  • NG+ adds Blistering Blades for more damage.

General cycle

Vergil - Mission 17

  • This fight is essentially auto-scroller. Refer to Best Segmented Times for the complete cycle.
  • Start building up SDT and DG with Rising Dragon → Trick Down loop.
  • At best you get 5 Rising Dragon but, the last one requires timing for iFrames against his shockwave. The safer option is to do Trick Dodge
  • Air Taunt after shockwave and do not transform SDT until you have enough DT-Gauge for DG summon.
  • Use Blistering Blades during JJC. Devil Hunter, might require multiple Blistering Blades spam
  • Finish the fight with Void Slash loop after Urizen is down.

Stun example

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.