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Main Body - 5,000 Tentacles - 660


Nidhogg is one of the only boss that encountered once as the level boss of Mission 4.

General Notes

No Damaging this fight is optional but very useful in Devil Hunter where as it's one of the biggest requirement for V to get Guillotine His sequence in NG has been tested throughly by GarudaKK
  • Vergil once again trivializes this with his destructive JJC and DG.


  • Enabling Auto mode will give Griffon auto-blockade. Lock-on after the cutscene skip to target bottom Tentacle and kill it with Gambit > Double Jump > Summon Shadow > Taunt > Mash then during nightmare summon swap target to the right Tentacle and DT Griffon
  • Make sure that you are mashing Shadow while killing the right Tentacle and as soon as Nightmare does the laser unsummon him.
  • Kill the left head to get some DT-meter. Let Nidhogg fall and DT-Griffon.
  • Gambit to him and Summon nightmare again. Mash everything including V's cane
  • When Griffon's DT ends, he will teleport back to V DT again to force him Flank Attack
  • When Nidhogg starts to recover read The Book and unsummon Nightmare quickly or after he lasers.
  • Dodge Nidhogg then DT Griffon again. Gambit when Nidhogg returns to his spot then summon Nightmare for the final clean up.

It's possible to delay killing the heads in order to get more damage and 1 cycle him in Human

New Game+

The idea is the same but this time V has more in control with his familiars :

  • Start with killing the bottom tentacle with Guillotine and Flank Attack
  • After Checkmate summon Nightmare while spamming max charged Blockade and Hedgehog
  • When V is in control of Nightmare Spam Strongpoint and Critical Position Make sure that you are also maintaining Blockade and Hedgehog
  • When Nidhogg starts to recover read The Book and unsummon Nightmare quickly. Switch Shadow's attack into Arbiters If he is far away from the enemy then use his left and right claw attack to make him get closer.
  • Once the tentacles are available kill the bottom one through Nightmare summon and Royal Fork
  • Repeat the laser cycle again till death.

New Game+ cycle


This whole fight depends on your execution of JJC.

The DG which Vergil should be using is the Haste mode this allows him to instantly kill all of the Nidhogg tentcales while performing JJC. Some notes:

  • This has to be done in ground with Upper Slash cancels. Doing the mid-air version doesn't do enough damage.
  • Devil Hunter needs 4 DT-Gauge to make DG last longer.
  • If you mis-time JJC at any point then you will lose the optimal DPS pace.
  • NG+ Vergil does Void Slash cancels if he still is alive.

Cycle Example

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.