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Elder Geryon

Elder Geryon

Elder Geryon is one of the only boss that encountered once as the level boss of Mission 5.

General Notes

With V this fight has no fixed pattern but, the less you get caught in slow sphere the better the fight is. Other than that the damage multiplier against this boss fluctuates due to the patterns and FPS. On the other hand, Vergil is very consistent with this fight. Because, he can stop Geryon's movement with Heavy Rain Blades

Devil Hunter is much harder because it lacks white orb where V can maximize the Nightmare summons with it.

V - Mission 4

  • Always start with Gambit + DT Shadow and Griffon. Start spamming Blockade Shadow will use Skewer at good range itself after cancelling his claw combos into Arbiter
  • From that point the patterns will vary. Reset Griffon's DT each time he runs out so you he can get free Flank Attack to chase Geryon's
  • Skewer spam is not advised and should only be used in a certain range where it can give a good damage. It's much better to let Shadow chase Geryon instead with claw combos into Arbiter
  • If Cavaliere Angelo starts to charge his Electric Bullets. Make Shadow do his Anti-Air Spikes by Arbiter → DT Shadow → Combo A spam this gives much more mileage than Skewer spamming.
  • Depending on Geryon's health it might be good idea to summon Nightmare to attempt finishing it off with Discharge pattern.
  • Although, the primary usage of Nightmare is interrupt Geryon's full map slow sphere. This slows down the fight by significant amount. Not only it increases Geryon speed but also lowers V damage overall.
  • If you notice Geryon's attempting to shoot small sphere be ready to avoid and get out it by timing Griffon's Hanging

Example 1 - Optimal fight start

Example 2 - Bad Skewer

Example 3 - Good RNG

New Game+

NG+ is bit more consistent because it takes 2 good Domination to kill the boss :

  • The start of the fight is the same as NG
  • Domination setup usually comes from patterns that makes Geryon stay still. Using Skewer is a good idea during that process.
  • If the second Domination missed then do the fight normally with max Blockade and Hedgehog spam
  • Geryon will always aim to Nightmare. Even if V is caught in slow sphere which, makes Domination much easier to setup during that pattern.
  • It's faster to end the fight with Royal Fork instead of Checkmate
  • Make sure to maintain full Blockade spam through this whole fight.

New Game+ cycle


Compared to V, Vergil fight against this boss is scripted.

New Game cycle

New Game+ example

  • Approach him with Rapid Slash then in SDT to instantly prepare for Hell on Earth → Heavy Rain Blades
  • Devil Hunter needs that loop to be done in 3 times while Human is just two. The fight ends with 3-4 JJC into StarFall
  • NG+ Vergil uses Dragon Breaker → Blistering Blades instead. Devil Hunter must follow up with Judgement Cut End or the damage won't be enough to finish it with JJC.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.