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Vergil (Boss)

Vergil is the final boss of Nero / Dante / V route which is encountered in Mission 19 as Dante then 20 as Nero.


  • This fight is RNG heavy due to Red Hot Night setup. You also must equip DSD during second phase of full charge for Sword Formation: Round Trips stun after he gets hit by the meteor.
  • Do not DT until Dante is close to the final charge or about to get hit by Vergil's Rapid Slash and such.
  • If you get hit by PS and knocked away by his Judgement Cut restart checkpoint to re-do the setup.
  • If Vergil dodges Red Hot Night then use RG actions to kill or counter him with Cav Air Combo B
  • Refer to Best Segmented Times for the good NG RNG.
  • NG+ Faustless is must more consistent fight because you can setup the same behaviour against Vergil with Kalina Ann shot. The cycle will always be Air Combo B → Cayote-A JC → Air Combo B → Release → Air Combo B


  • Scripted fight in both settings with different setup up.
  • Optimally, you want to have JC avaliable however, its difficult to make that decision most of the time. The reps of Aerial Combo depends on the Bringer Claw hits and Exceeds.
  • Buster has to be done in DT for more damage. Keep in mind that Nero DT-rate consumption is high.
  • NG must do iFrames against Vergil's Aerial Cleave before launching him into Roulette Spin → Aerial Combo → Blue Rose then approach him to counter his next attack with High Shots → Snatch → Aerial Combo. From that point finish him off with good DT reps of Aerial Combo → Buster
  • Refer to Best Segmented Times for the good NG RNG.
  • NG+ sets up CS'3 stun with Snatch after the first cycle. This makes the fight significantly faster with JC & Gerbera being available.

Video Demonstration

Dante Faustless cycle

Nero New Game cycle

Nero New Game+ cycle

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