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The Savior
Legs - 150Shoulders/Back - 250
Head - 200 Main - 6,000

The Savior

The Savior is a one time boss that appears end of second character section at Mission 18.


  • This boss is actually auto-scroller and will go the same way every time.
  • You can refer to current Sum of Best on how Phase 1 is done.
  • Savior knock down is always on timer. This means it usually doesn't matter on how fast you can break the crystals with Pandora or DS Yam.
  • Some people might say that you need a Just Frame Straight to kill this boss. This is not true. The only condition is landing Distorted Straight 2. Just Frame is mostly useful on visual cue.
  • If worst comes to worst with RI whiff and such abuse PF398: Revenge and RG Releases to knock him down for the last time.
  • For the old cycle It takes two good DRI to kill otherwise you add extra DRI or Just Frame Straight

Dante can tank Savior's final flash and use TS with PF262: Jealousy to skip the platform running

If you opt for Regular Distorted Straight 2 remember to DRI from Human-state for more damage

Video Demonstration

Dante [M18 Savior] - 100% Consistent cycle

Dante [M18 Savior] - Optimal cycle

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.