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Lady / Trish
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Lady / Trish

Lady/Trish starts at fast pace but slows down a bit later with the second half-section despite the rich crowd controls.

This page provides information on the character mechanics.


  • This is the most forgiving category to learn and generally consistent.
  • Has the least skips till Trish received Alt + Enter shenanigans.
  • Lady'sDT-gauge” is represented by grenade icons. Instead of transforming, she performs a screen-filling explosion from a multitude of grenades. This combined with Charged shots makes her kill most of the enemies almost similar to Vergil's pace.
  • The overall playstyle is ressembles to Nero and Dante runs.
  • Trish is extremely good at wave clearing with Round Trip + Straight because it has the longest range and longest active time of any DMC iteration so far. However, she lacks reliable burst moves to fight against bosses. PF398: Revenge usage varies per situation.
  • Similar to Vergil, neither of the characters will have to worry about deflecting Alto Angelo's Formation attack: Energy Sphere for faster clears.

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