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This is a list related to the different techniques that is used to both character commands to understand properties. Their basic abilities are shared.


Wire Action

Side Roll
  • Evade an enemy attack by rolling to the side.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Command: + sideways on + X
Kick Jump
  • Jump again by pushing off a wall.
  • Command: After jumping, press X near a wall.
Air Hike / Blaster
  • Concentrate magical energy into the area under your feet to perform a double jump.
  • Second Jump has no invincibility frames.
  • Lady uses her Kalina Ann instead of magical energy.
  • Command: After the first jump, press X
Devil Trigger
  • Unleash the true devilsh charms.
  • Purchasing Trigger Heart will reduce the depletion rate of the DT Gauge.
  • All of Trish attacks will be lightning charged.
  • Command:
Burst Attack
  • Annihilate any and all enemies around you with a few grenades.
  • Uses all of lady's current Burst Gauge.
  • Command:
Enemy Step
  • Also known as JC. One of the one of the core aspects for this series.
  • This is one of the most expensive ability to purchase.
  • Command: In mid-air, press X near an enemy.
Get More Orbs
  • Passive ability which increases the range from which you gather orbs.
  • This means you can be in any position to collect, which is helpful to make a quick exit on certain rooms.
  • By continuing to press in the same direction with the your footspeed will increase.
  • Mandatory ability to buy.
Wire Shot

Lv1 Range

Lv2 Range

Lv3 Range

  • Shoot a damage-dealing wire.
  • Grounded enemies will be launched; airborne enemies will be slammed to the ground.
  • Each Levels extends the length of the Wire Shot.
  • Can reach breakable objects in the distance such as items and Red Orbs.
  • Command: O
  • Latch on to a Grim Grip with this to travel across long distance in a heartbeat.
  • Command: + O