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Vergil (DMC4)

Vergil like DMC3 starts at full speed and never slow down. Very heavy in movement and extremely merciless due to Concentration mechanic where the character can't afford to get hit most of the time.

This page provides information on the character mechanics.


  • Generally played at 60 FPS because it's more consistent at landing JJC and more travel distance to Rapid Slashes
  • Has the most skips out of all characters. This caused his runs to be at the same pace as DMC1 and DMC2.
  • Due to the nature of Concentration mechanic, his damage potency in general is unnaturally high. Upon activating DT, Concentration will not drain in anyway whatsoever while also filling up at a much faster rate.
  • JCE makes his Holy Water usage for room clears (Other than Blitz) almost irrelevant.
  • His Beo has Just Frame property like Dante's Gilgamesh. Though, he does not need to worry about it because Lv3 Concentration grants him an extra charge level for more damage.
  • Distorting is the core aspect of his Boss Strategies.
  • Does not have to worry about deflecting Alto Angelo's Formation attack: Energy Sphere for faster clears.

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