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Bael & Dagon

Bael is encountered as the level boss of Mission 4 at the first half-section of the game then the rest will be Dagon instead in Mission 15 and Mission 19.


Mission 4 - Quick Rusalkas

This is the fastest method but, if your EX-Streak does not whiff then Buster won't work

Snatch → Buster is more consistent which requires third hit of RQ before CS'3

Mission 4 - Bael Phase

CS'3 detonation has different timing between Breath and Jump Press. Make sure that the explosion will hit Bael during the knock down state

Frog can easily kill your run if it stays passive and doesn't provide you two main patterns for setups which are Breath and Jump Press.

  • Original game uses different cycle that does not involve Roulette Spin being the main method to stun
  • When Bael is knocked down EX-Slash → EX-Aerial Combo until the second CS'3 is detonated. All of this has to hit on his tongue because it deals more damage.
  • Rusalkas will always dodge your CS'3, unless you set them up with at the very least two or more hits.
  • It's possible to one-cycle Bael without Exceeds V1 | V2
Mission 19 - Dagon
  • This is much more consistent fight because you have third option of Frog setup with eat pattern. Although, get out of his mouth by DT once explosion comes out.
  • The combo to stun the frog after CS'3 can be either EX3-Calibur → EX-Slash → EX-Split or EX3-Calibur → Roulette Spins
  • EX3-Calibur → Roulette Spins is safer as it puts you at better position where you can react to anything.
  • If Dagon eats you, do not use DT early! You will break the cycle due to CS'3's hitbox being in a different place, making Dagon go into a hiding. The visual cue for using DT is the moment where you start losing HP, as this is around the time you'll get a CS'3 explosion.
  • Maximum Bet x2 usually kill the frog. If he somehow survives, then do Roulette Spins with CS'3
  • The knockdown cycle is Maximum Bet x2 → Roulette Spin → EX-Slash x2 → CS'2
  • Original game is slower because you won't have CS'3 ready as it doesn't carry over previous room charge.


  • Dante's JC Full House allow you to not care about any sort of a pattern, but the eating one. You can still get eaten and DT JC into DRI.
  • You must be in Human form after the knock down. Because Distorting 2nd hit of your Real Impact from Human-state will provide maximum amount of damage.
  • You only need one good Real Impact then follow up with one of the options below:
JC the 3rd hit, then Helm Breaker → Stinger
JC the 3rd hit, Divekick, Coyote-A shot
JC the 3rd hit, Helm Breaker, Straight

Video Demonstration

Nero [M4 Bael] - Jump Press cycle example

Dante [M15 Dagon] - Standard cycle

Nero [M19 Dagon] - Eat cycle example

Nero [M19 Dagon] - Jump/Breath stun example

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.