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Dante's Awakening

Dante (DMC3)

Dante run features the most precise playstyle as well as the most heavy use of various cancels due to the excessive usage of RG. The player cannot afford and make up one mistake when the Royal Release is mistimed. Therefore, this character requires a lot of work.

This page provides information on the character mechanics.


  • In a fresh file, Dante does not receive DT until Mission 8.
  • RG overshadows all other styles due it's powerful application throughout the runs. It also enables him to perform OoB skips such as Gigazip.
  • Reb/Cerb, Reb/A&R and Reb/Beo are his common gear selection.
  • Reb DT has secret property to glide to the ground while in mid-air by holding + X.
  • E&I/Shotgun is his main Fire Arm equippment. However, Spiral can be used in special cases like Secret Mission 9.
  • Has Sparda DT that is accessed through using one of the three costumes: LDK costume, DMC1 Dante and DMC1 Coatless Dante.
  • Sparda DT has balanced DT enhancements, meaning even though it doesn't have any superior attributes over the regular Devil arm enhancement, it gains additional increase in every stat. Compared to other Devil Triggers:
    • Power: More than Reb, Nevan and Cerb. Less than Beo and A&R.
    • Speed: More than Beo. About the same as the other MAs. Less than Cerb.
    • Regeneration: More than every Melee except Nevan.
    • Defense: More than Nevan, Cerb and Reb. Less than Beo. About the same as A&R.

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