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Dante's Action

This is a list related to the different techniques and Styles used for general Dante commands to understand Damage, Stylish points and properties. (1)

RG damage depends on the Rage meter (Orb). Although, ground release does more damage than air. (2)

Rage meter Damage
0 0
0.5 260
1 524
1.5 787
2 1049
2.5 1311
3 1574
Just Release
Rage meter Damage
0 270
0.5 605
1 944
1.5 1282
2 1619
2.5 1957
3 2249


Royal Guard




Double Dash

Triple Dash

  • A quick burst of speed propels the player forward. This technique helps get the player out of tight situations.
  • First half animation contains invincibility frames.
  • Each TS lv unlocks extra dash.
  • Second and Third dash can be controlled for different direction.
  • Gains 150 Stylish Point when you near miss an enemy attack.
  • Command: O
Wall Hike
  • Similar to DMC2, run up walls to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Run can be horizontal or vertical.
  • Gains 150 Stylish Point when you near miss an enemy attack.
  • Avaliable at Lv1 TS.
  • Command: O near wall.
Sky Star
  • A quick aerial dash that propels you forward through the air.
  • Can use secondary Sky Star after wall or air hike.
  • Gains 150 Stylish Point when you near miss an enemy attack.
  • Avaliable at Lv2 TS.
  • Command: O mid-air.
Air Trick
  • Has same properties as Vergil's DS.
  • Lacks Style point gain and Dante cannot fully reach target at certain distances.
  • Command: + + O
Block and Charge
  • Block incoming attacks to build up release damage.
  • Air Block is unlocked at Lv2 RG and can extend invincibility by blocking at the start of a jump.
  • Just Block doubles the Rage meter. It also nulifies incoming damage and guard break.
  • Can use roll for an easier timing of Just Guard.
  • Stylish Point gain is 150~400.
  • Command: O
  • Release all the energy stored in the Royal Gauge, and lash out at your enemies with an explosion of dreadful power.
  • Air Release is unlocked at Lv2 RG and can be used for easier timing of Just Release due to it's invincibility frames.
  • Stylish Point gain is 0~400.
  • Command: + + O
  • Unlocked at Lv3 RG.
  • Can't Just Guard but, it absorbs most projectiles.
  • Anything that breaks a normal Block will break Ultimate.
  • Command: + + O
  • Restores 1.5 stocks of DT and increases Stylish point by 500.
  • Pose and Speech changes every 2 taunt levels
  • Performed by pressing SELECT while on the ground
Free Ride
  • Jump on a grounded enemy to lock your feet in a surfing stance on top of them.
  • Only works on certain enemies.
  • Can control where Dante surfs.
Damage Stylish Points
[50 × (E&I Shot)] + 100 200 + 100 × [50 × (E&I)] + 300
Pole Play
  • Spin around a pole, kicking any enemies lurking in the nearby vicinity.
  • Press when near a pole.
  • Weapons/Guns change stats
Damage Stylish Points
0(Reb Equipped 150) 100(Reb 200)
Air Hike


Agni and Rudra


  • By concentrating magical energy into the area under your feet, you are able to perform a double jump to reach higher, more strategic locations.
  • Second Jump has no invincibility frames.
  • This utility is limited to three weapons.
  • Command: After the first jump, press X
Time Lag
  • Must equip QS to use this move.
  • Slows down enemies while you maintain your own.
  • Constantly drains DT.
  • Command: + O
  • Must equip DG to use this move.
  • Create shadow that mimics your moves.
  • Constantly drains DT.
  • DT input increases the delay input between your inputs and Doppelganger's actions.
  • Second player can take control of Doppelganger if second controller presses START button
  • Command: + O


1) DMC3 Official Guide Book - Detailed Gameplay Guide (2005): Tankobon Hardcover. Chapter 1, System; p. 11 - 18.