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Vergil (DMC3)

Vergil run starts at full speed and never slow down. Very heavy in PS usage and extremely merciless if, player loses the momentum. His execution mostly depends on DS movement and JC'ing with Beo or Yam.

This page provides information on the character mechanics.


  • Vergil has DT ready at the start of the game. If the player changes the language to Japanese, he is avaliable to select from a fresh file.
  • Vergil has 3 Devil Arms (Yam FE Beo) and 1 Fire Arm (PS). Both the L2 and R2 buttons are used to cycle between his Devil Arms.
  • Cannot buy certain upgrades from Devil Arms as he has to level up DS.
  • Lacks Air Hike, which can be substituted with Trick Up.
  • Has Corrupted costume which provides distinct difference on DT. He becomes Nelo as the moveset completely changes to Dante's Alastor and Ifrit from DMC1.
  • Currently lacks major sequence skips such as Gigazip.

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