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Vergil's Action

This is a list related to the different techniques and Styles used for general Vergil commands to understand Damage, Stylish points and properties. (1)

  • PS is what sets Dante and Vergil apart. Though it functions as a long range weapon for Vergil, much like that of Dante's guns, it can also function as a powerful shield for Vergil.
  • When picking corrupted costume. The move-set is different whenever Vergil is in DT form.
  • Any DS Action teleport contains free iFrames however, style point is not gained compared to Dante's TS Actions when it comes to avoiding/near-miss enemy attack.
Vergil needs maxed DS because it enables him to purchase all of his Devil Arm Actions.


Nelo Angelo

  • Restores 1.5 stocks of DT and increases Stylish point by 500.
  • Has special properties when performed with Yamato.
  • Performed by pressing SELECT while on the ground
Air Trick
  • DS Instantly teleport to a spot directly near the enemy.
  • Unlike Dante's version, you're already grounded after you teleport, so you can do just about anything as soon as the teleport animation is over.
  • Command: O
Trick Up
  • DS Teleport above an opponent.
  • This is the closest thing to a Air Hike which is used to reach some of the blue orbs in the game.
  • This is also primary source of Vergil's movement which is followed up by Star Fall into Stinger.
  • Command: + + O
Trick Down
  • DS Instantaneously teleport to a spot directly below where you were standing or jumping.
  • Vergil can do this while he is still grounded, and when he do, he performs a short back dash.
  • Command: + + O
Phantom Swords
  • Also known as Summoned Swords.
  • Hurl magically generated swords at the enemy.
  • Each Lv increases fire rate.
  • Vergil can hit his opponents simultaneously with your Summon Swords and Devil Arms without having to cancel Arm attack.
  • Each Shot does 50 Damage.
Levels Attributes
Lv1 Alternating two rounds.
Lv2 Alternating three rounds.
Lv3 Alternating four rounds.
Spiral Swords
  • Create a barrier of countless swords which surround and protect you.
  • Each sword goes away on the second hit.
  • Costs 2 DT Orbs to cast this.
  • Can re-cast at any time, if some swords are missing.
  • Command: Hold and release
Spiral Swords 50 x 6 > 25 x 6
Sword Storms
  • Fire out swords at the enemy after executing a Spiral Swords maneuver.
  • The swords surround an enemy then fire all at once.
  • Command: After Spiral Swords. + +
Blistering Swords
  • Fire out swords in rapid succession at an enemy after executing a Spiral Swords maneuver.
  • Command: After Spiral Swords. + +
Combo - Greatsword
  • 4-hit combo ending with a Reverse double slash.
  • No knockback hits.
  • Similar to DMC1 Alastor.
  • Command: > >
Damage Stylish Points
First Hit 110 -
Second Hit 150 -
Ender 150 + 150 -
Combo - Gauntlets
  • 3-hit combo ending with a high kick.
  • Third hit has knockback.
  • Similar to DMC1 Ifrit but, cannot be charged.
  • Command: > >
Damage Stylish Points
Straight 130 -
Body 180 -
High Kick 300 -
Helm Breaker
  • Same properties as Force Edge.
  • Command: Mid-air
Damage Stylish Points
Helm Breaker 150 ~ 290 -
Shockwave 100 -
High Time
  • Same properties as Force Edge.
  • Hold down the attack button to launch the player into the air.
  • Command: + +
Damage Stylish Points
High Time 120 -
  • Same properties as Yamato's Rapid Slash.
  • Slower, but has extreme knockback .
  • Command: + +
Damage Stylish Points
High Time 120 -
  • Same properties as Beowulf.
  • Command: Mid-air
Damage Stylish Points
Starfall 320 -
  • Similar to DMC1 Ifrit.
  • Knocksback.
  • Command: + +
Damage Stylish Points
Kick-13 200 -
Beast Uppercut
Damage Stylish Points
Beast Uppercut 280 -
  • Similar to DMC1 Meteor Ifrit.
  • Command: Hold and release
  • Press twice more with the right timing in order to release two more fireballs in quick succession.
Damage Stylish Points
Meteor 200 -