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NG Vergil

Devil May Cry 3 NG Vergil is a speedrun category in which the player tries to complete the game as fast as possible on a fresh file. The player must start the game with Dante and reach the final hit against Vante in Mission 20 as quickly as they can. Using other programs to affect the game or modifying the game with mod is not allowed.

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Route Estimated Time Runner VoD
Standard 52:00+ Waifu
Route Estimated Time Runner VoD
Current Meta 56:00+ DizzySplits
Route Estimated Time Runner VoD
Standard 1:45:00+ Moeter


(The rules here are specific to this category. Go to this page to find the rules that apply to all Devil May Cry 3 speedruns.)

  • You must play as Vergil.
  • Timer stops on the final hit of Vante in Mission 20.
  • Turbo usage for PS spam is allowed.
  • Make sure to turn on Turbo Mode in the game's settings so it runs 20% faster.


Learning a speedrun in Devil May Cry 3 may seem to daunting, but at the early stage the game is generous once you follow beginners route. There are 3 stages of learning you could go through with Vergil.

Start beating the game with DECosmic notes that involves less risky strategies to get comfortable with the game. It's important to note that each runners has their own adaptation with the route currency. Once that phase completed and interested in pushing the time further, you could check out current meta/Standard run.

Do an initial run through making sure to do the following things:

  • Follow the notes without checking any top runners. This helps you to understand the flow of the game.
  • Make savefiles before each part that you probably have issues with. You can backup and copy the savefiles ( HD Collection is generally in <Steam-folder>\userdata\<user-id>\631510\remote\ while the 2003 port is in <Steam-folder>\steamapps\common\Devil May Cry 3 ) into a seperate folder.
  • Make splits. Download a program like Livesplit and setup your splits. It does not matter how bad they are in your first run.

Once you have completed your first run and made savefiles practice the parts you are least confident with then try another run. When you get more confident you should stop getting safety routes and start tighten your currency.