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Cake Dante

Devil May cry 3 Cake Dante is a speedrun category in which the player tries to complete the game as fast as possible while also collecting all blue orb fragment, equipment and killing all bosses.

The leadboards of this category are available here


The objective is to kill every boss and collect all health upgrades during the missions.

  • Clearing all 12 secret missions (1)
  • All blue orbs and blue orb fragments must be collected
  • All usable equipment must be collected (3)

(1) All of them need to be cleared when you finish the game. The rewards you get from these missions are part of full health upgrade requirement, which is the Blue Orb Fragment.

List of all Secret Missions to clear

List of all blue orb fragment locations

Adjudicator is special statue which rates the stylishness of the attacks upon it, and once the player reaches a specific Style Rank, signified by the number of lit flames on the statue, it will break and reward the player with a Blue Orb Fragment.

M3 M3 Adjudicator M4 M5 Adjudicator
M6 Adjudicator M7 M7 Adjudicator M8
M8 Adjudicator M9 M10 Adjudicator M11
M11 Adjudicator M13 Adjudicator M14 Adjudicator M14
M15 M17 Adjudicator M17 M18

(3) While New Game skips majority of firearms, this category requires all of them for full completion. The devilarms by default are mandatory progression pick.

  • Mission 16: Artemis
  • Mission 9/10: Spiral


Route Estimated Time Runner VoD
Standard 1:23:50+ Waifu


(The rules here are specific to this category. Go to this page to find the rules that apply to all Devil May Cry 3 speedruns.)

  • You need to complete all the requirements listed above in every mission before reaching mission 20.
  • Gigazip is not allowed.
  • You must play as Dante.
  • Timer stops on the final hit of Vergil in Mission 20.
  • Make sure to turn on Turbo Mode in the game's settings so it runs 20% faster.


Learning a speedrun in Devil May Cry 3 may seem to daunting, but at the early stage the game is generous once you follow beginners route.

  • Make savefiles before each part that you probably have issues with. You can backup and copy the savefiles ( HD Collection is generally in <Steam-folder>\userdata\<user-id>\631510\remote\ while the 2003 port is in <Steam-folder>\steamapps\common\Devil May Cry 3 ) into a seperate folder.
  • Make splits. Download a program like Livesplit and setup your splits. It does not matter how bad they are in your first run.

Once you have completed your first run and made savefiles practice the parts you are least confident with then try another run. When you get more confident you should stop getting safety routes and start tighten your currency.