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Tartarussian & Plutonian
Stats (Plutonian Values)
HP Armor
7,500 (10,000) 180 (240)
Weakness DT activation
None 60s (30s)

Tartarussian & Plutonian

Tartarussian and Plutonian are bosses which appear in two different scenario. Tartarussian serves as the boss of Mission 2 in Lucia's route, while Plutonian serves as the boss of Mission 8 in Lucia's route and Mission 12 in Dante's route.

Tartarussian fight with Lucia's route in Mission 2 is very important to get her route going. Because, she must upgrade her swords into Lv2. Plutonian for the most part is situational that depends on your Devil Star stock and DT gauge for characters. The main goals to keep in mind during this fight is to :

  • Stun-Lock with specific cycle, but there is a chance that they can choose to guard and negate the damage that they are receiving which not only wastes your DT but also your ShowTime Style.
  • Abuse Jump Cancel to avoid getting hit which is very important in M2 Lucia.

NG+ Note: Round Trip / Aerial Cross + Flame Heart trivializes this fight.


These enemies has extra defence against Firearms. They also have ability to negate it's damage by rotating their Iron Balls, which happens more frequently in DMD. Therefore, you have to engage them strictly in melee.

Both of these bosses will either throw iron balls if at distance, or swing them if you get too close. If the fight goes too long, Plutonian can summon Agonofinis, or cause electric beams to shoot out of the walls.

Tartarussian Guard

FireArm negate (Applies to Majin Fir balls too)


If it weren't for the random blocks, this fight is completely scripted. There are 3 steps to this fight :

  • Start with Rapid Fire kicks into Lush.
  • Loop with Rodeo Drive into DT Wheel Kick > Rodeo Drive into Sky High till death.
  • You can't do Aerial Crosses or any other method that boosts the process because there is higher probability of him guarding and you need to be on the ground to pick up the item quickly and such after the fight.

Ideal Tartarussian

Plutonian - Lucia M8

Lucia is extremely strong at that point of the run. The DT gauge build depends on your movement throughout Mission 8. There are 4 steps to this fight :

  • Make sure you have Aerial Heart equipped before entering the room. Run behind Plutonian's right and start doing Rodeo Drive into Wheel kick twice. That should 100% stun him every time.
  • When Plutonian turns around as it's about to hit you, avoid it with Jump Cancel.
  • Plutonian will always get stunned after you hit Rodeo Drive into Wheel kick twice, so loop this sequence until your DT gauge is full.
  • Transform into DT using the Roll cancel into Air Raid method then do Aerial Cross Strafing until the boss dies.

Ideal Plutonian

Lucia has to strafe per hit because Tartarussian / Plutonian are one of the bosses that makes her float above the boss per hit for some odd reason. This will make her Aerial Cross hit a lot less. Ending this fight with SHOWTIME!! is very ideal because it helps your currency route a lot for the end game missions.

Plutonian - Dante M12

Dante only fights Plutonian. His cycle is situational because of his route so, he can either :

  • Afford and use Small Devil Star IF he managed to do 10× Orb Bonus in Mission 1 and 7 with strong ranks.
  • Million Stab cycle that is little similar to Lucia. Bear in mind that he does not have the luxury of building DT gauge reliably like her.

Million Stab cycle Million Stab
Devil Star cycle Devil Star

Devil Star will always go the same way as long as you did a good Million Stab charge:

  • Do 3 Round Trips at the start then unDT after Plutonian hits you with the ball swing.
  • Million Stab then do Shadow Spear into Stinger.
  • If everything above went well then you will kill the boss with 3 slashes into High Time Cancel.

Million Stab against this boss has much different approach than Furiataurus :

  • Get behind Plutonian then do Lotus Slash about 3 or 4 times to build DT gauge.
  • Do 2 Slashes to bait Plutonian attack then do Million Stabs.
  • Repeat the step above but this time, add High Time twice.
  • Slash High Time then finish it off with Shadow Spear into Stinger. Alternatively, you can wait to dodge the swipe then do 3 slashes into High Time followed by Shadow Spear into Stinger.
  • Jump Cancel is used here to avoid taking damage and maintain style rank but, you don't have to worry about it too much. It is nice to have but, it's much more important to avoid getting knocked down.
  • Tank his hits with DT if you are not confident on Jump Cancel. You could always try to dodge with roll, but that slows down the fight a lot.
  • High Time can go under Iron Ball swipes if timed correctly. However, it's not reliable most of the time.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.