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HP Armor
15,000 400
Weakness DT activation
Frost Heart 60s


Furiataurus is a boss that appears in Mission 8 of Dante's Disc. This fight is extremely situational and depends on the player's orb count. The only concern for this fight is the Jump pattern, which it can turn off the pace.

NG+ Note: Round Trip trivializes this fight.

MUST DIE mode Furiataurus has Ꝏ Armor


You must at least afford Purple Orb before starting Mission 8. If you can't afford Vendetta Lv2, keep Rebellion equipped and aim for the S rank

This is the first fight as Dante where you are going to utilize DT Human Cycle. Remember to increases the number of attacks from million stabs by mashing the melee button during charge state.

You have 3 choices to pick the cycle :

  • Pure Million Stabs - If you are unsure about your orb count, this cycle secures S rank.
  • 4 Million Stabs into Round Trips - If your orb is fine and still to get more. This secure A rank. Make sure to keep hitting the boss at the end to increase your Stylish Average criteria at the end mission.
  • 3 Million Stabs into Round Trips - If you are confident with your orb count.

It's important to note that Furiataurus may jump a lot and can cost your A or S rank cycle. This is completely out of your control. The reason why it costs S rank is because after you dodge the jump, the next attack may hit you before your Million Stabs could stop it. You will be also forced to stay in DT to avoid getting pushed back or knocked down.

Jump Cancel doesn't work against this boss for the most part, since majority of the boss attacks are multi-hits.

Video Demonstration

Million Stabs + Round Trip Cycle

Pure Million Stabs Cycle

The Jump

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.