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Legs: 500~600Upper Legs: 180


Gilgamesh is a one time encounter as the level boss of Mission 6.


  • This fight is scripted as long as players will follow the sequence correctly and does not fall down at all. Refer to Best Segmented Times for the good cycle.
  • You stay at the air as much as possible while avoiding Gilgamesh spike with Air Taunt or Roulette Spins
  • Vergil trivializes this with Beo's Hell on Earth and Heavy Rain Blades however, he has to avoid forcing Gilgamesh to body press while building for SDT and Concentration meter with Rising Star → Trick Down loop.
  • Nero must successfully detonate Overture or the fight will be slowed down by significant amount. After that, it's Exceed + Battery spam.
  • NG+ Nero can end the fight with one knock down due to Gerbera and Ragtime.
  • Special Edition may affect his behaviour differently due to turbo feature.

Vanilla Game has to break Gilgamesh at least 3 legs in order to make it fall down. Special Edition for some reason only needs one

Video Demonstration

Nero New Game+ cycle

Vergil General cycle

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.