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Dante (Boss)

Dante is the final boss of Vergil route which is encountered in Mission 19 as first phase then 20 for the second phase.


This fight has no fixed pattern even at the start. Dante behaviour is completely random.
  • Check Best Segmented Times for the patterns reference.
  • You must respond to his patterns with Heavy Rain Blades as a counter for Dragon Breaker setup. The follow up is Lunar Phase + Blistering Blades → Heavy Rain Blades for another Dragon Breaker into JJC spam.
  • For Mission 20 phase, Dragon Breaker only performed once because the DT must be conserved against his SDT.
  • Higher difficulties and NG+ behaves differently.
  • Dante entering RG is the worst pattern as you are forced to make him perform Royal Revenge
  • You have to be too far to avoid his Judgement attack although, it may be good idea to take hit so you could use Orb revive to lower his HP.

Accidental Spiral Blades can ruin Dragon Breaker setup

It's good idea to save your DG to get Dante out of his SDT-state quickly which is dangerous.

Video Demonstration

Example of good Dragon Breaker setup

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.