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Echidna is encountered as the level boss of Mission 7 then becomes part of the boss rush in Mission 19.


  • This fight is consistent. You must CS'3 → EX3-Calibur → Roulette Spin/Aerial Combo while she's coming down. Failing to do that will cause her terrestrial state delayed with Tail Wagging.
  • Worst case scenario is when she performs Dragon Charge. You can stop this pattern with DT transformation but she can choose to ignore it sometimes.
  • According to this test CS'3 x2 with Combo A spam → Buster is the fastest method to kill her. Although, if the EX-Charge mash wasn't good then she will have few HP left where CS'3 → Calibur should get the job done.
  • Echidna in Mission 19 should always start with EX3-Calibur → CS'3
  • Mission 19 cycle has risky approach where you can apply Showdown before Spamming Combo A Meaning you won't have enough time to react Echidna's attempt to knock you down which she can choose to do that early.


Dante has two different setup for this fight he can either E&I CS or Sky Star → Aerial Rave

If things go south stop the Dragon Charge with RG Release

  • ComboA (1,2) → Prop immensely helps with stunning Echidna due to multihit properties, whereas Reb Combo A deal a bit more damage.
  • Don't forget to use Devil Star when DT-Gauge is almost 0.
  • Holy Water has to be used when Echidna has atleast 3 bars of HP left.
  • Be prepared to react Echidna's knock down attempt with Air Hike → Coyote-A shot

Video Demonstration

Nero [M7 Echidna] - Consistent cycle example

Dante [M13 Echidna] - Standard cycle

Nero [M19 Echidna] - Showdown example

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