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HP Values
1,000 ×3
Difficulty scales the defence


Mundus is a boss in Mission 19 and has two phases. First phase is breaking his arms then his core. Players usually lose massive amount of time at this segement due to:

  • Failing 1 cycle per arm - original game only
  • Bad RNG - this applies to both versions but hurts the most in Definitve Edition
  • Constantly receiving Lava Breath pattern instead of anything that allows player to attack Mundus
  • This fight is much more punishing in the Original game because Demon Evade is a must, while Definitve Edition can just avoid with jumps then counter attack for each pattern.

Changes to the original game


The arms will do several different types of attacks that often stay on top of the building giving you a chance to damage them. Definitve Edition can break them with DT Judgement spam. Original game must use Demon Evade before DT Judgement because his health pool in that version is much larger. As a result, the timing of each cycle is much more stricter.
  • Smash Barrage - This happens a lot in the Original game. Three smashes in a row with his fists. Gives a good opportunity to prepare Demon Evade. But, it has no counter play and considered bad RNG.
  • Two-Hand Smash - This is a good RNG which brings both of his fists down. Demon Evade → Judgement for whichever arm has the most health.
  • Lava Flow Attack - This is hard attack to Demon Evade because it brings a wave of lava so, the player must reach to the spot where Dante can evade without getting hit by the lava shockwave before Judgement spam.
  • Meteor Shot - This also happens a lot in the Original game. Mundus will rear back a fist and shoot a Meteor at Dante. Possible to deflect for the damage boost but still not a good RNG.
  • In phase 2, the armless body will exclusively do Meteor Rain followed up by screaming at Dante. When Mundus decides to scream it takes only two attacks to finish him off. However, it's faster to deflect the meteors instead.

When Mundus performs Lava Breath. Fall off from the ledge to force him into a different pattern. If you do it too fast then he will keep doing the same pattern. Very common in phase 2.

Deflecting Meteor Rain is a lot harder in the Original game because it requires 2 out of 3 meteors compared to Definitve Edition which is only once. Most reliable way to do it is 1 Reb strike into Osiris Feed.

Video Demonstration

Original game demo

Definitve Edition demo

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.