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Hell Vanguard
Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 100
Fire - 100 Wind - 100
Ice - 100 Light - 105

Hell Vanguard

Hell Vanguard is first encountered as the level boss of Mission 2, but becomes a standard enemy in later missions.


Vergil trivializes this with his destructive Starfall and PS. Until Dante receives A&R or Beo for JC he has to start with clash release and Reb 1-2, Combo A then release with full RG Rage-meter and abuse Combo A.
  • Vanguard teleports a lot sometimes so, the fight isn't the same every time regardless of what you do.
  • Vergil needs to get into DT during second cycle because Vanguard gets stunned easily with PS and Beo JC.


The idea stays the same for both characters but they have to watch out for teleport attacks:

  • Run away in circles to bait the vertical teleport attack (doesn't hit you if you run)
  • Jump the horizontal teleport attack.

Dante have to Roll guard non-teleport attacks and regular release whenever it's possible.

Video Demonstration

This is ideal fight with Dante.

Ideal fight with Vergil

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