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Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 80
Fire - 105 Wind - 105
Ice - 120 Light - 100


Gigapede is a boss encountered at the end of Mission 4. Two others infest Leviathan's intestines, but these are not boss encounters.

This boss in Mission 18 is optional and Dante can skip this boss with the Gigazip trick.


Vergil will have to abuse PS during Beo / FE SC while Dante uses only SC between Reb / Cerb.
  • Start the fight with Stinger slide, Helm Breaker. Vergil would only have to do Helm Breaker only since he doesn't receive Stinger from that point yet.
  • Wait until the head goes in the hole, Cerb' Revolver Lunar Phase for vergil's case, wait, repeat and spam Cerb or SC.
  • Walljump on top of it as it comes out (stand on head, lock-on).
  • Wait until its head and tail collide then start DPSing :
    • Vergil Combo A into 1 PS shots.
    • Dante Release and do Reb'1/Cerb'2.
  • Walljump in the corner as it comes out again, stand behind the head and hit it and/or deflect the balls with Cerb Combo A into Revolver. Vergil can just Combo A with FE.


  • Incredibly Luck-based fight. General advice is to go in with full health (drop back into the Chamber of Sins and die if low on health).
  • Always aim for it's head for maximum damage.
  • It might be advised for Dante to equip SM so, he can alternate Cerb' melee and SM moves to deflect the balls. This is the same for Reb Prop Shredder. This applies the same with Vergil FE and Yam SC instead of just Beo Combo A.

Video Demonstration

Standard Dante cycle.

Standard Vergil cycle.

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