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Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 100
Fire - 90 Wind - 90
Ice - 110 Light - 100


Geryon is encountered as the level boss of Mission 12. In terms of execution, he is one of the most challenging boss.

  • This boss in Mission 18 is optional.
  • Dante has multiple approaches for each phase but, some of the methods in the second phase dependant on RG usage in the 1st phase.
  • Vergil cycles are usually conflicting due to how PS interacts with Geryon's stun.


Dante has 2 approaches in Phase 1 then will have 3 options to pick for Phase 2.

Horse and Carriage release. This is only recommended if you are willing to go for TAS phase 2.

Double Knock with A&R SC. This is the standard method who are willing to go for the Old-Method or The-Frenchie

  • Old-Method Helm Breaker when he tries to run, SC Geryon and Raw Release till he wakes up for the carriage spin. Roll Guard then hit him with few Aerial Cross. Knock him down with Helm Breaker again to SC till he teleports then Release to knock him down again to finish him off.
  • The-Frenchie Stinger move half-circle on Geryon's left then Release the moment it starts running SC into Reb Combo A spam to knock him down. DTE when symbols are full. Roll Guard into Release to finish him during carriage spin.



TAS this method is very precise and the cost of failing is much severe than the other two. The Rage-meter will be used during 1st phase to instantly end it with good release if it doesn't, then hit it with SC couple of times. The most important part is the second phase where you must follow the sound cue to Guard twice followed by release. There are two ways to perform this:

  • hies strats Immediately Stinger into E&I shots until Geryon is about to run. Guard
  • Loner strats Hold Lock-on, walk forward when Geryon screams. Guard the moment it starts running.

Right after the successful release, start charging DTE and hit him (SC Reb > 1 A&R 1 > Reb 1 or Combo B Reb 1,2) once then Guard the carriage as its about to teleport away. If you Flux Release both Geryon and carriage then you will end the fight with few SC between Geryon and carriage. If not you will do the same process as Old-Method for carriage spin. If you fail any of these steps in phase 2 then you will have to turn-back and fight Geryon regularly, which costs you a lot of time.

Loner strats

hies strats The follow up is the same as left video

Vergil has to be precise with his Helm Breaker knock down because his version is much faster than Dante's. He also needs to maintain permanent stun-loop, which Spiral Swords make this process easier but not optimal for the currency route.

1st phase start PS when Geryon is down Yam Aerial Rave twice then walk little to the right before abusing Beo Combo A

This an example of a stun-loop This happens when you hit the carriage with Geryon at a super low stun level.

  • 1st phase To set-up the knock down: Hold Lock-on, walk two step, Stinger, Jump forward, Trick Up, Starfall
  • stun-loop Geryon flips over no matter the condition or phase. It's hard to try to set this up in an actual run. Therefore, it requires players to adapt this situation.
  • 2nd phase when Geryon is about to run, Jump Trick Up, Starfall to knock down. Most of the time you will be at his hooves so Yam Upper Slash, Aerial Rave, Combo A then Beo Combo A. Try to get aditional Aerial Rave during his carriage spin. After that, this is where things might change depending whether flips over or not. For the consistency sake, DT Aerial Rave twice then DT back to clash with the carriage. Knock him down with Combo A then finish it with Beo spam.

2nd phase How things suppose to happen

PS Shooting will slow down Geryon a bit which makes Helm Breaker Knock down more reliable.


  • Use an L Vital Star if you go to or below 50% health
  • Vergil in 1st phase can do what NG Normal used but, he also have access to Spiral so no need to DT.
  • Dante in 1st phase needs to Stinger once at the start, activate DT, and Helm Breaker to knock him over, then disable DT, SC, and repeat until the 2nd phase.
  • 2nd phase is also different for both characters:
    • Dante - Knock him down repeatedly with Helm Breaker ASAP. Then parry carriage spin and release, repeat (he only ever does carriage spin or rushing attack, so keep him near the center).
    • Vergil - Stay still, Shot PS x2 times then neutral jump and Air Trick into Starfall Charge Spiral Swords during this. Do Yam Rave between between Geryon and carriage. Get on the horse when it starts triggering QS for carriage spin. Once it's done, get down and do Spiral Swords + Yam Rave and repeat the previous step.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.