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Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 120
Fire - 120 Wind - 120
Ice - 80 Light - 100


Cerberus is first encountered as the level boss of Mission 3 then becomes part of the boss rush in Mission 18.


Vergil trivializes this with his Yam Aerial Rave PS while Dante has to do the following:
  • Break the ice on all heads. Breaking the ice on the right paw helps.
  • Attack Cerberus' heads with Reb's Combo A & 1-2 cancels to stun.
  • Hit all heads during the stun, only release when it's absolutely necessary.
  • Guard Berserked Million Carats.
  • Stand in front of middle head, aim at paw to the right, Release using headbutt if possible.
In Mission 18 A&R will be used instead for Aerial Crosses for stun which usually happens in 5 hits. Combo A and DTE. If Ice Breath on ground happens then abuse Aerial Cross + E&I.


This fight completely differs from how it's done regularly in Normal. Both characters have to follow this:

  • Only de-ice and damage the middle head.
  • Jump over his breath attacks.
  • Run to his side for the ice shot attacks
  • Kill green-eyed head first, then the red
  • If low on health, use Vital Stars
  • If no Vital Stars left, or 2 heads are down, go to the very back-left corner and shoot with E&I until he's dead.
When it comes to RG with Dante
  • Don't release headbutts because it will always end up getting him hit.
  • Guard the falling icicles.
  • Should always regular release after Guarding the headbutts, paw swipes, etc.

Video Demonstration

Ensure that Cerb is left with two heads after the stun to maximize release damage, which would usually kill him. The amount of times to hit Cerb for the stun varies.

Vergil needs to use DT a bit at the start to make PS shoot faster and take out the ice-shield more quickly. Avoid attacking the paws to not make Cerb stunned early. You will lose a lot of DPS due to that.

The speed of this fight depends on your need for the Rage-meter. If you are confident with 1.5 then you can kill cerb before it could even go berserk. The knock down depends on whether Cerb being super passive.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.