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Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 100
Fire - 100 Wind - 100
Ice - 100 Light - 100

Vergil (Boss)

Vergil is encountered as the level boss 3 times. First fight is in Mission 7 before Dante's DT Awakening. Then Mission 13 for the runback with Beo. Finally, serves as the last boss in Mission 20 armed with FE. Dante keeps A&R against him till the last encounter while Vergil has the best weapon against Vante right off the bat which is Beo.


Vergil/Vante 1 uses Yam only. Shotgun cancel or PS is usually used during sheating before Meleeing. Players has to make sure to leave leave him some room behind him so he won't teleport.

It's possible to loop **Vergil** by clashing with his Upper Slash to keep the DPS going with the correct timing of Aerial Cross and Air Guard.

The same can be said with Vante by either Helm Breaker or Aerial Rave. There is a risk still on bad positioning that causes Vergil to teleport or rapid slash.

  • Dante Run to Vergil, guard, shotgun cancel during sheathing, Aerial Cross x6-7, shotgun. Make sure to leave him some room behind him so he won't teleport then repeat until you are ready to Release with max Rage-meter for the kill.
  • Vergil Run to Vante, JC x13, PS. Make sure to leave him some room behind him so he won't teleport then repeat. Use DT when avaliable.

Example of Vergil loop with Dante. 13 Reb strikes is advised when learning this game.

Example of Vante loop with Vergil. Be wary of PS timing on when to shoot.

Vergil/Vante 2 uses Beo. Once his health below 40%, he combines his arsenal with Yam. The goal of this fight is to skip his DT Phase.

Standard Vergil 2 with Dante. Aerial Cross and No Devil Star method is not recommended due to the lack of consistency.

Usual Vante 2 with Vergil. Most important part is not to drop JC's excessively during DTE and keep tack of your JC count.

  • Dante Stinger to bait StarFall, rollguard or jump guard and Reb Combo A Cancel 2 hits x5, Shotgun spam. Then build Rage-meter into max and Reb Combo A Cancel 5 times, DTE, Reb Combo A Cancel 5 times, Release (takes him below 40% HP). Next, Use Devil Star during DT barrier and charge DTE. Finally, keep the distance to bait Judgment Cut and chase him to DTE, Reb cancel and Shotgun to finish.
  • Vergil Stinger to bait StarFall and JC x10. Then repeat with DTE for 11x JC and shoot PS after he is stunned. Restore some DT with Yam taunt during Vante's DT barrier and keep shooting PS. Finally, bait Judgment Cut and chase him with DT JC to finish..
Vergil/Vante 3 uses FE and Yam right off the bat. The big danger of this fight is his Super DT Phase and players have to avoid triggering this by killing him at certain HP threshold. This fight also has RNG layers when it comes to a good fight refer to Best Segemented time.

Vergil 3 example with Dante. Hit confirming with Beo 1 or 1,2 hits helps the consistency for Killer Bee JC's.

Vante 3 example with Vergil. You can choose to not DTE at the end and just DT JC but that also means none of your StarFall JC should be dropped which would cause a chance of failing Super DT skip.

  • Dante Stinger once and run to him, guard scabbard hits, guard 3x, DTE and JC with Beo (one ground hit to prevent parry). Stay close and parry for full RG, JC/Combo A him down to 40% HP then finish him off with DTE, JC and Release.
  • Vergil 3-cycles, bait his attacks and JC x13 then x11. Last cycle should kill him with DTE JC.


Same concept but, you need to watch out his attacks. Especially his PS since they insta-kill.
  • Jumping away right as he teleports to you with PS.
  • Can DTE him out of DT (risky) or avoid his attacks and Stinger/Helm Breaker him after one of his attacks.
  • Use DT to avoid huge damage from divekicks, combos and Summoned Swords.
  • Vergil 2 Try not to use many L Vitals/Devil Stars, but usually you won't need to (since he insta-kills you most of the time anyway).
  • Vergil 3 Buy as much Devil Stars as possible.
  • Vergil can use Sword Storms to clear out Vante's PS.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.