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Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 100
Fire - 100 Wind - 100
Ice - 100 Light - 80


Beowulf is encountered as the level boss of Mission 11. The goal of this fight is to kill the boss during the light explosion sound. Most of the time, this fight depends on good JC's and the strategy is strict. Beowulf is also part of the boss rush in Mission 18 and the strategy still remains the same.

If Vergil doesn't get enough JC's from Aerial Rave then either he will have to JC's with Beo more or chase him with more Aerial Rave.

If Dante doesn't get Release-Kill or JC's from A&R then he will have to chase him for more Aerial Cross


Dante should enter this fight with 1.5 Rage-meter to speed up the process. He can still Guard his attacks for the Release-Kill build up.
  • Stinger, Switch to A&R, taunt, Guard 3 times.
  • JC him in the eye with DT x2 to make him swing blindly, rollguard to the left.
  • JC again for stun, DT JC during stun.
  • Gold Release on the eye during the explosion right after the “ding” sound.
  • JC to finish, if he tries to escape, jump guard his run.
Aside from RG, Vergil can follow the same steps. His Yam Aerial Rave with PS can kill him in one cycle. Because Beo is weak to Yam.
  • He will have to make sure to start fight with Jump > Trick up > Starfall.
  • JC with Yam Aerial Rave to stun him.
  • DT, start the PS shooting then Aerial Rave JC during stun.
  • Trick up into Starfall JC's on the eye during the explosion right after the “ding” sound.
  • Combo A spam if you didn't finish him.


  • Same as NG Normal.
  • Save DT for his angry phase and when releasing his explosion.
  • Possible to do the fight without him running away, but it's extremely tough.

Video Demonstration

This is ideal fight with Dante.

Ideal fight with Vergil

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