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Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 100
Fire - 100 Wind - 100
Ice - 100 Light - 100


Arkham is encountered as the level boss of Mission 19. He has the largest health pool in the game which causes many players to struggle in DMD due to the need of heavy Combos and firepower.


You absolutely need at least 4 Holy Waters :
  • Use 2 Holy Waters, taunt, move closer and charge Beo Combo B overhead kick and DT when he's vulnerable.
  • Turn off DT after kick and turn back on to tank Rage Tentacle Swipe. Gold Release if possible.
  • Beo Combo A spam until 2nd phase.
  • Stinger, Killer Bee, Combo A spam on the right side. You could also just Rapid-Stinger.
  • Use the rest of Holy Waters when Rage Tentacle Swipe happens.
  • Make sure to spam Style button to call Vergil next to you if he gets hit!
Vergil follows same steps except that he spams Yam Aerial Rave + PS


  • Players should afford buying 1-2 Holy Waters, and as many L/S Vital Stars as they can (at least 7 L Vitals and 2 S Vitals), and 1-2 Devil Stars.
  • Use L Vital Star whenever you get hit to or below 60% health.
  • Use as much DT on Arkham as possible on the first phase to save Vital Stars.
  • Use Holy Waters on the second phase when he's submerged to deal him and dolphins damage.
  • Staying behind him helps to avoid most of his attacks.
  • Dante needs to equip Kalina Ann to deal with the Legions and Vergil needs to use his Spiral Swords + Rapid Slash.
  • If no Vital Stars are left keep far away from him and just shoot at him so that Vergil or Vante attacks him, and repeatedly jump to the side when he shoots missiles.

Video Demonstration

Try to afford Devil Star before the fight if you are uncomfortable with low DT gauge.

Aerial Rave + PS makes the boss pretty much impossible to dive compared to Dante's risk.

One big advantage on using Rapid-Stinger is Vergil's Rapid Slash which deals a lot of damage against Arkham.

Same story as previous phase except that you can't use DS and DT. Stinger into StarFall to approach before Aerial Rave PS spam.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.