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Rudra Agni
Elemental Status
DT - 100 Thunder - 100
Fire - 80 Wind - 80
Ice - 120 Light - 100

Agni & Rudra

Agni & Rudra are first encountered as the level boss of Mission 5 then becomes part of the boss rush in Mission 18. The general idea of this fight is to damage them equally and kill them both at the same time to avoid either of them entering the superpowered fusion mode.


Both characters have the same approach in M5. Difference is how they clash. Dante can do it with either Cerb Revolver or Release.
  • At the start of the fight. Stinger to Rudra and shotgun cancel. Regular Release before Agni's hit connects then Guard Rudra's attack.
  • Shoot Agni once to start doing the loops where you knock their weapons away with clash.
  • SC if you can hit them simultaneously

In case of Gold Release happening, you can time your Stinger to knock the weapon away still. However, it's not always guaranteed due to the variance in positioning.

In theory, it can be faster to start with release because it immediately triggers A&R attacks, but the positon will be messed up where you won't be able to SC them simultaneously.

Vergil has to time his Yam Aerial Rave twice then Combo A FE.
  • PS then Air Trick to Rudra and position Vergil where he could face to face. Combo A into Beo 1,2 then Switch target to Agni.
  • Stop PS shooting and dodge both attacks with Jump iFrames.
  • Clash with Yam Aerial Rave to Agni. During the stagger transform into DT hit with Beo Combo A with Beo twice. un'DT after first Combo A.
  • Switch target to Rudra and Starfall. Move back by 2-steps to avoid getting hit by Agni's sword while Clashing with Rudra.
  • DT, switch to FE to time your Combo A clash against Agni while DPSing Rudra at the same time then finish them both with Beo Combo A or 1 into Lunar Phase spam.
Mission 18 is significantly faster than inital encounter.
  • Dante - Guard > double Aerial Gold Release > Shotgun Agni until he gets knocked back > break Agni's guard > break Rudra's guard > DTE & Shotgun spam
  • Vergil - Stay still and Charge DTE > iFrames the attack with raw jump > Move forward by 3-steps to stand between A&R > Holy Water to get them to hit each other > Jump so they can clash for stagger > DT Beo Combo A + PS


  • The DPS method is still the same, but you don't clash parry. You netural jump instead so they attack each other. Similar to Vergil M18 Strategy.
  • Dante can speed up the process with his Aerial Gold Release. When they run away, stay in the middle, and when they run towards you and jump down, guard Agni then jump and gold-release through Rudra.

Video Demonstration

First encounter fight with Dante. The quick-kill usually depends on your Shotgun cancelling speed.

First encounter fight with Vergil. Managing the DT and FE timing is the key factor of this fight.

Make sure to walk one step forward before releasing.

DTE is the key decider for this fight so make sure to use devil star before entering this room.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.