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Phase 2 Phase 1
Possessed Arius
HP Armor
15,000 300
Weakness DT activation
None Doesn't DT

Possessed Arius

Possessed Arius is the final boss of Lucia's Disc which is encountered in Mission 13.

This fight has two phases and are completely trivialized by Aerial Heart + Flame Heart. Transforms into Arius-Argosax in phase 2. Much similar to Mundus, this boss is essentially an auto-scroller.

NG+ Note: Same strategy as New Game.

Arius-Argosax only gets stunned, if an attack hits the face.

There is a rare attack pattern that Possessed Arius performs which is the Rubble Throw. This object is breakable and has a value of 80 HP


It's very important to have Cutlaseer upgraded as Lv3 and you at least afford 2 Large Devil Star. If you are unable to afford the third Purple Orb then you'd want to start the fight with Cranky Bombs for max DT Build.
  • Aerial Cross Strafing is used to re-adjust Lucia's position for maximum damage.
  • 1 Large Devil Star must be saved for the second phase.
  • HD Collection triggers Flame Heart Glitch, which makes Phase 2 fight significantly faster.
  • Divine Anger does a lot of damage against Arius-Argosax. However, this is only recommended to use if Lucia's DT gauge is near to run out, and that case is extremely rare in HD Collection. However, it should be used as main strategy in NTSC region of the PS2 port.

Video Demonstration

In phase 1, try to avoid hitting arius from behind a lot, since you are going to miss a lot of damage

Phase 2 is self-explanatory as long as you hit the face in a sweet spot, you are going to deal massive damage thanks to Flame Heart Glitch

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.