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HP Values
Phase I 10,000
Phase II 10,000
M23 2,000


Mundus is the final boss of this game which encountered in Mission 22 and 23.

  • For Normal and Easy diffculty. This boss is actually auto-scroller and will go the same way every time.
  • This is nearly the same for DMD, but that mostly depends on your orb economy and mundus pattern. You will mostly have to hope that mundus doesn't do his bad patterns.
  • The strategy for 100% has risky and safe approach in phase II.

Note: on DMD, Dante Deals 1/3 of Normal damage even in DT.


For Normal and Easy, you are simply going to abuse Devil Stars with the dragon. If your orb route is strong then you should have Full DT Runes start by buying the final Purple Orb.

You will need at least 4 Devil Star for Phase I. 5th is used in Phase II.

Another method for this fight is the energy bullets spam (This is the main strategy in DMD). However, this is diffcult to be consistent at and requires a good luck where mundus would keep exposing his core. Bad RNG would force you to throw another dragon at the end. Another factor for this is how fast you break the Dark Sphere Summon where you must destroy them to break his shield.

Worth noting that with DMD you are allowed to use Turbo which makes your fingers less of a hassle.

Standard Mundus

Mash Mundus

Phase I Patterns

When fighting Phase I especially in DMD, you need to be familiar with his patterns. You can't afford to take more damage due to his Phase II. Mundus patterns are split into two categories:

  • Long-range attacks until Dante's about 3/5ths of the way to him.
  • Short-range attack where you should at that point close to killing him. Although, Mundus can occasionally use it as a long-range attack, but spams very often when Dante is close to him.

Laser Beam Meteor Lightning Bolts Rock Slabs
Propeller Spheres Jumbled Spheres Circle Of Spheres Red Laser (Spread)
Red Laser (Cross) Vortex

Phase II

Mundus Phase 2 Untouchable Safe

Mundus Phase 2 Round Trip + Meteor Loop DMD

For Easy and Normal. The speed of this fight primary depends on what's avaliable on your Inventory. The risky method is using Devil Star once, because dante does not die from the lava when his HP is 0, but any hits from the spheres or mundus himself. The usual method is using untouchable Safe or Devil Star + Vital Star. Your strat is simply jump over lava and repeat the sword combo with High Time ender.

In DMD, All Collectibles is same as Easy and Normal. Difference is that you will pop untouchable 3 times. Use vital star when necessary, because you can potentially die from sphere lasers or fire pillars. 100% Mundus is one of the hardest fight in the series. Because, you have to get an S Rank to complete the run. The only item you could use in this fight is Vital Star.

  • You can't play it too safe but you can't exactly play it too risky. For Example: You can use the Easy and Normal strategy with taunt to refill DT Runes, but the risk of getting hit by sphere is high. Therefore, you need to move around a lot. Especially when you get bad RNG to avoid getting hit.
  • When Mundus HP reaches into red. He will go berserk, where he will keep doing patterns back to back non-stop.
  • It's extremely useful to kill Mundus Fire Dragon as soon as you see it. The HP restoration always good for surviving longer.

DMD Round Trip + Meteor Loop is the fastest and best strategy against this boss but, it has big RNG factor whether Mundus decides to break the platform or not. The approach here is to loop until the platform comes closer to Mundus then jump over it to carry on the loop as you pray that Mundus doesn't break it. For the most part, you have to stay right edge, so you could avoid most of his sphere lasers. Roll for iframes when necessary. You will also have to break sphere that is close to you, if Mundus summons it.

If the DT runs out, throw Round Trip then spam taunt to refill the runes and repeat.

If Mundus breaks the platform, then it's highly suggested to quickly equip shotgun. Here are some notable patterns to pay attention to while waiting for the next platform to rise.

Sphere Breaking (1)

Deflect White Fireball (2)

(1) Usually the decider of the fight. Mundus summons giant spheres and it's highly recommended that you break most of them leaving only two left, so you can have easier time to deal with his white fireball pattern.

The most important one is dealing with a row of six beige spheres that appears in front of Dante on the outer platform. Run between two of them and fire four shotgun blasts.

(2) This is a very intimidating attack. Anywhere from four big spheres, fireballs will be created and orbit Mundus. After a second or two, Mundus will do a release pose and the fireballs will fly towards Dante.

DT and deflect them back towards Mundus using Dante's short, 3-slash combo or delayed reverse double slash combo.

iFrame rolls

If you found sweet spot for this fight and plan to stay in the same spot especially when Mundus attempts to move you away with fire pillars, meteor and dragon rising use roll to move between 2 AoEs left and right. It's very rare however that you will be able to stay in a good grounded spot for this phase.

Mission 23

Standard Vortex Method

Mundus gradually approaches, and if cornered, it will be a one-hit death. Thankfully, his hp is a lot lower than the previous phases.

When you use Vortex, it's better to mash instead of holding the button for more DPS consistency. The strategy is the same around all diffculties, but Inferno supposedly do more damage. The unlucky part is that the hit confirm is very inconsistent.

Refill DT Runes by taunting or Grenade guns shooting. Once you kill him for the first time, you will fight again after getting the powered up Ebony and Ivory. Fire a single charged shot to instantly fill the DT Runes and end the run.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.