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HP Armor
12,500 200
Weakness DT activation
Frost Heart Doesn't DT


Phantom is returning boss from DMC1, where you will fight him in Mission 14 as Dante and Lucia in Mission 10. Similar to Arius this boss can be random at times that can affect the speed of your quick kill cycle.

NG+ Note: Round Trip / Aerial Cross + Frost Heart trivializes this fight.


Your DT gague must be past 3 lines to get the optimal cycle. Both characters has similar idea. Stun Phantom once then use highest damaging move.
  • Dante - 3 Slashes into DT Stinger Stun then unDT 3 Slashes into Shadow Spear Stinger. Additional Stinger is thrown to check Phantom's pattern before repeating the sequence.
  • Lucia - Stun with Aerial Cross then throw Cranky Bombs 3 times. The DT gauge must be maintained by repeating this sequence until Phantom health bar is close to death.

Like most bosses in this game there are some dangers to worry about :

  • There is a rare scenario where Phantom might start being aggresive a lot. This will force Dante to tank through the hits a lot by staying in DT and spam with Stinger. Therefore, this is bad if the DT gauge is low as it ruins the stun-lock loop.
  • Lucia has to worry about Phantom not moving forward a lot with the face cover. It causes her to miss some Cranky Bombs and Aerial Crosses not dealing optimal damage.

Video Demonstration

This is how the fight should go with Dante. This is the best case scenario, where Phantom just stays idle.

Phantom with Lucia. Only consume the whole DT gauge with Aerial Crosses once the health is low enough to kill.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.