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Stats (M17)
HP Armor
7,500 (10,000) 150
Weakness DT activation
None Doesn't DT


Arius is a boss that appears in Dante's Disc Mission 13 then appears again later in Mission 17. Lucia fights him only once in Mission 9. This boss can be random at times, but there is a specific sequence that ensures this fight goes the same way most of the time.

NG+ Note: Same strategy as New Game.


If you receive A rank on your first encounter then you got perfect Arius, otherwise you got trolled by either :

  • Arius jumping around or teleport.
  • Getting hit by his summons and such.
  • Arius shield. This costs a lot of time and you have to do nothing and be less aggressive. The more you attack him the further he will keep it up until he decides to teleport away at certian damage threshold.
  • This is the same for Mission 17 Dante.
  • Mission 17 fight is usually polarizing because of Msira and Secretary interferance. Although, it isn't much of an issue in HD Collection, since you can trigger Flame Heart Glitch.

Dante - Mission 13

Arius No Summon Cycle

Dante's first encounter with Arius goes the same way most of the time, if you prevent his summon at the start. The key of getting that fight down is when you roll without moving any stick before start doing the Shadow Spear loop.

  • The first two sequence for Shadow Spear cancel is Stinger. Third one is High Time.
  • You will finish off Arius by knocking him down with 2 Slashes into Stinger then Slash > High Time.
  • This cycle fails, if you are off the position ( usually happens when you melee too fast ) or Arius performing the shield pattern.

Lucia - Mission 9

Aerial Cross Arius

Lucia trivializes this fight with her Aerial Cross, but she has to be wary of the dangers in a similar way to how Dante fights Bolverk. Although, she can salvage the fight with Cranky Bombs.

Only strafe if Lucia is near to float above Arius and within her reach. She will always end the fight with Lush, if enough damage are dealt against him.

Dante - Mission 17

This fight is unfortunately random. Because, there are additional enemies that prevents you from getting the same quick kill result as the first encounter. Consequently, you are only going to spam Stinger and hope that he doesn't do any bad patterns.

HD Collection, the fight is more consistent due to Flame Heart Glitch. If you hit Arius with Round Trip, every other enemy will get hit from the Fire element effects.

Round Trip method. This is more reliable in HD Collection. Regardless of the RNG, the reuslt is still much faster than Stinger
Stinger spam method. The best case scenario for this is either Arius standing idle or instantly teleports to one of the chairs

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.