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Stats (M16)
HP Armor
10,000 (15,000) 100
Weakness DT activation
None 60s


Bolverk is a boss that appears in Mission 11 and 16 of Dante's Disc. This fight is very dangerous because of Freki and Geri interference that can mess up with the quick kill cycle. This boss is one of the major reset points due to his parry RNG.

Dante's resource is very limited from that point of the run as the player can't afford mess up the route such as losing Gold Orb.

NG+ Note:Same strategy as New Game.


You want to trap bolverk and keep yourself away from Freki and Geri. You have only one shot to Quick Kill Bolverk. These are common dangers to look out for :

  • During Round Trip loop, avoid pressing at the same time with - This causes Dante to exit Air Raid state with Helm Breaker.
  • Do not attack bolverk instantly after he gets stunned - There is a chance that he will do his parry stance for teleport counter follow-up. This messes up Dante's Lock-on, which causes him to prioritize Freki and Geri instead of bolverk.
  • Do not release Lock-on at all - At the start of this fight Dante will prioritize bolverk and you want to stay locked-on against him.

The Lock-on was switched there because bolverk disappered for a moment with his teleport

This is another variation of his parry, which usually happens when you shoot FireArms

Mission 11

For the first encounter, simply Round Trip stun-loop. Remember to :

  • Keep him trapped against the wall and away from the dogs.
  • The place on where he stays and such is random and requires adaptation.
  • In HD Collection port, you might want to consider spamming Stinger, If the set up fails. Because hitting Bolverk with Round Trip here can cause Flame Heart glitch. Meaning, you will be breaking environment nearby and deal damage against the dogs which, makes your DT gauge drained by significant amount.

Average Bolverk with adaptation

Ideal Bolverk

Flame Heart glitch - This is NG+

Mission 16

It's possible to do the same approach as Mission 11, but Majin is simply faster and more reliable. Unlike Round Trip, it's a lot easier to move around and keep Bolverk Locked-on.

The only issue with that is the dogs. Because, Dante's attack will come out slower if he hits multiple enemies. Meaning, it gives Bolverk enough space to trigger his parry. Although, there are many ways to salvage this especially when Majin has access to Laevateinn.

Only use Laevateinn if, Bolverk HP bar is red and when DT gauge is close to empty out

Example of Freki and Geri interference, which gave Bolverk enough space to trigger the parry

Another parry example, which Bolverk usually attempts this at the end of Dante's combo

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.